The Greengas Ecogas 2000

Complete vehicule identification number : ZA9 AB01 E0 PCD 39049
Exterior : Bugatti Blue
Interior : black, racing seats
Year : 1993


Note :
A special car in the Bugatti history.
The chassis #39049 is a GT with an engine modificated to support a bicarburation
system (gasoline / methan) called ECOGAS 2000, set up by Bugatti Electronics. The 3rd of july 1994, the EB110 GT ECOGAS with Loris Bicocchi on board, has broke the mondial speed record in Nardo, with 344,7 km/h.
In october 1994, the EB110 Greengas is presented in public during the Paris motorcar show. Tested in the US magazine Road & Track in january 1995, in order to find the faster car in the world.
At the 1995 Geneva Motorshow,
the EB110 GT Greengas is side by side with the two other record cars : a serial EB110 Supersport and the Ice speed record car of G. Pastor.
Licensed in Italy, with the plate AB396GY (licensed the 22/06/1994). Probably sold in the USA.