Ex Rinspeed Cyan

Complete vehicule identification number : ZA9AB01S0 PCD 39051
Exterior : french blue
Interior : dual tone french blue / light grey
Year : 1993 (December)

Note : The ex Rinspeed Cyan car. The car was delivered to Rinspeed in December 1993 directly from the factory. The car was then sold without the exterior kit to a Swiss customer in summer 1994. The Rinspeed body parts have been later destroyed. The GT engine seems to have been swaped with a SS one during a check up at the factory.
In 2005, the car was always located in Switzerland, in the region of Zurich. Only the Rinspeed rims and the interior can distinguish nowadays the ex Cyan from a standard GT.

Actual configuration :

Extract of the Rinspeed description :

"The body has been modified and redesigned: the front skirt is more aggressive and holds a large air-intake for the radiators. The traditional, horse-shoe shaped radiator form seen on all classical Bugattis, is used as another air-intake for the air-conditioning in the front hood. The ultra modern triplet projector lights are aerodynamically recessed and covered by glass. The rear view mirrors, mounted quite prominently on the original, now follow the flow of the cockpit. The rear mounted air-scoops allow enough air to the tuned engine. The rear wing guarantees plenty of down force and optimal aerodynamic for the top speed of more than 350 km/h. Its middle section is electronically adjusted in its angle in relation to the speed. The newly created rear end of the car, functional in its design, rounds up the compact lines of the EB 110 "Cyan". For this conceptional vehicle especially, which already has found its buyer and new owner, the Swabian wheel manufacturer BBS has developed new three piece aluminum wheels. As an obvious quality, the bolts, holding the three elements together, are mounted from the rear and therefore are hidden to the eye. The outer rings are polished in a high gloss finish. The dimensions, of the in the classical Bugatti design created wheels, are impressive: 9½ x 18" in the front an 13 x 18" in the rear. The Italian tires producer Pirelli supplies the unusual sizes of the P Zero of 245/40 ZR 18 in the front and 325/30 ZR 18 in the rear. These Pirelli tires help to put the massive power of the engine to the ground. Instead of the 540hp-GT-engine, the "Cyan" now has the 600hp engine from the "Supersport" model installed. The torque is more than imposing at 637 Nm. The exhaust system was redesigned at the rear section by the famous Remus company. The technical data is now of world class: 3.4 seconds from 0 to 100km/h and a top speed above 350km/h. The interior has been redecorated with carefully selected leather. Now, the traditional Bugatti-blue leather covers the dashboard and central console and accentuates the flowing lines of the cockpit. All instrument and console panels are covered by brushed aluminum and show a new trend, but at the same time relate to the traditional material used in the engine compartments of the pre-war Bugattis. These aluminum panels were developed by the Austrian Burg Design company and enhance the "Cyan"'s interior with a touch of elegance and sport. The excellent stereo equipment from Nackamichi satisfies even the most demanding HiFi- and music enthusiasts. The mobile communication is guaranteed by the pan European hand phone from Nokia. This unit, being just slightly larger than a purse, weights only 197grs. The transmission is not limited to voice but also handles images and data. The mobile installation kit with the hand-free set and an additional hand-set completes this unit to a full size car phone. Due to an easy menu guidance and a large display of the Nokia 2110, the use of the smallest and lightest pocket-phone is very simple. The sales price of the RINSPEED Bugatti "Cyan" has not yet been determined. However, it is expected to be above sFr. 600'000.- including the fully comprehensive three year's service package, which even includes the tires. The RINSPEED "Cyan" was tested by the former Formula One driver and sports car world champion Jochen Mass. Fascinated by the overwhelming power and the sporty looks, he even presented this super car to the television. Cyan: (phonetic "sjan") originates from the Greek language and the word "kuanos", meaning blue. Cyan is used today very often in the printing business indicating the base blue color in the color printing process."

Pictures credits : Supersportwagen.net, F48K, Rinspeed, Matteo Stucci (swisscarsightings.com)
Acknowledgments : V. Dobrovolsky