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The 39018 was the first production model of the EB110 GT, sold to Franz Wassmer, a swiss customer, the 1st of december 1992. It was manufactured on Aerospatiale carbon chassis N ° 15.

The car was pictured on the production line with the "C18" (carbon chassis, car N°18), written in red on the engine bulkhead, cockpit side.
Romano Artioli and Jean Marc Borel were personnaly present for the official delivery of the first EB110 in the Campogalliano factory. A little photosesssion was organized during the road testing of the owner with its new toy. The car was licensed with an italian export plate (EE-932-AU).
Then, the car has disappeared for years.

2013, July 08 : Zurich (Switzerland)
The GT39018 was quietly parked in the Zurich town, licensed in Switzerland (Aargau canton) : AG-330829. A red disc replaces the tow hook cap in the horseshoe grille
2016, September 17 : Molsheim (France)
The car was exhibited during the 33th Festival Bugatti, and the surprise was than the GT39018 was driven by the son of Mr Wassmer, who on his side came in a Bugatti T57 Atalante. So, 25 years after its delivery, the car has not changed hands!

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