Grigio Chiaro

39020 is a developmental car, whose construction was launched on december 12, 1992 and completed on january 08, 1993. The car has began its life with a classic european GT chassis (ZA9AB01E0PCD39020) but was probably restamped ZA9CB02U6RCD39020 when the car was fitted with a developmental engine, perhaps a Supesport block in US specifications.The interior of the car is a GT one with a custom set of pedals, and dashboard wood plates replaced by carbon ones. The lateral side windows were replaced by Supersport holes plate and the car is fitted with SS rims.
During years, the car has been introduced as a genuine Supersport model, first by the Londonian dealer Pullicino's Classics and then by the successive owners (Verdi in UK, Elite Garage in Switzerland). The car has been tested in Auto Italia in july 1997, as a Supersport model, versus a Ferrari F40.

In march 2003, the GT39020 was still in UK (licensed M947GGT), for sale in Hayes (UK) at Verdi Ferrari dealer. The car was shown tor potential buyers during open days at the workshop and in local car meetings.
2011 : The car is now on sale in Switzerland, at Elite Garage (Zuzwil), the car was still presented as a genuine EB110 Supersport.
2013 : the car is changing a bit now with painted black rims. Seller's speech evolves into something more likely: # 39020 is now announced as development prototype, equipped with a Supersport engine.

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