Alfa Romeo Avio Blue
Light Grey

The EB110 #39021 is normally a standard production model, and it may be the second car ordered by a private customer. However, the reality looks more complicated than the theory.
1993 : The car was completed on april 1993 and photographed on the production line, finished in a classic Bugatti blue with grey interior.

#39021 was then delivered in Italy, at the Modena dealer Autospeak. A reception was organized and photos were made to celebrate the event.

1997 Apr:
Some years later, the car was located and licensed in France (160 BCV 77), completely resprayed in silver gray. A plate located at the driver door indicate a french owner name and a Grigio Chiaro Metal as color. This plate usually describe the specifications selected by the first owner, with the chassis and engine number. However, the model type is not engraved as usual: GT 110 instead 110 GT. More, the color of the body is not indicated Grigio Chiaro Met. but Grigio Ch. Met. These small details could suggere the plate is not genuine, or at least reshaped later. On the rear plate, between the lights, a Bugatti logo is now placed on the middle, but the plate is a standard one from Campogalliano.
The car was enroled as assistance car during the 1997 edition of the Tour de France Auto, from Paris to Biarritz, through Bordeaux.

2001 :
The car was now licensed in the South East of France (868 AGB 06) and was seen on june 2001 at the 7th Sport & Collection meeting, at the Val De Vienne track (Le Vigeant, France).

2005, august :
#39021 is now located and licensed in Germany (NE-EB 7) and was spotted at the Nurburgring track

2009, june : the car is for sale at Bratke Exclusive Cars and displayed at the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf (Germany). The interior has been customized with carbon covering instead of the wood plating of the dashboard and electric controls.

2012 : New surprise with #39021, the car is still in Germany but was one more time resprayed, this time in an unusual light blue shade coming from the Alfa Romeo color palette, the Avio Blue of the Alfa Romeo 8C. Despite the fact this color is not an original Bugatti one, this proves to be a good choice. However, some plastic parts were black painted in the rear part, not of the best taste. The Bugatti logo in the rear plate between the lights has disappeared.

2015, february :
The car was on service at the Reichel workshop, in Nuremberg, probably in order to be sold.

2015, march :
#39021 was sold and licensed in Belgium (1-ZAF-855). The black plate between the rear lights was fortunately resprayed in the body color.
The car was spotted several times in Belgium, first in Brussels and then in Rixensart, but with a different license plate : 1-ZAW-885 with a garage name on the support plate (Automobil Zentrum, in Aachen, Germany).

2016, Jan :
Brussels, Autoworld Museum
The Italian Car Passion "la bella macchina" is a wonderfull exhibition of 50 prestigious italian cars, including the Bugatti EB110 GT #39021, now "perfectly" licensed in Belgium (EB 110).
2017, Sept : The car was part of the supercars line up exhibited at the 4th Arts & Elegance in Chantilly (France).

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