ZA9AB01E0P CD39 024
Bugatti Blu
Standard dual tone greys

The EB110 #39024 is probably another factory car, built with the engine n°056 and completed on the assembly line the 9 of march 1993. The car seemed to be adressed first as a demo car for the German market.

At the end of the 1993 year, the car was sent to USA to continue its demonstration car career.
1994, January 8-16 : The Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Convention center).
1994, February 5-13 : Chicago Auto Show (Mc Cormick Place).
Then, the rest of the story of this car is more uncertain. It is likely that the car, like most Bugatti demonstration cars, has been refurbished by the factory. It is possible that GT 024 is today in Italy (?).

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