037 initially, unknown today
Grigio Chiaro
Standard dual tone light grey/ dark grey
Press car

One more time, the GT #39025 was probably not a standard car. This silver GT was delivered the 29 of march 1993, fitted with the engine number 37. However, today this engine N°37 is inside the 39021 GT car... so perhaps the factory has made an engine swap between the two early models #39021 and #39025. The GT 39025 was used as a press car in the first mid of 1993 and, surprisingly, this silver GT was particularly swift in the hands of journalists, with almost Supersport performances. It is quite possible that, with a little malice, Bugatti has modified the engine No. 40 with the Supersport specifications and has fitted #39025 with it.
The car was tested in the french magazine Sport Auto (may 1993) and in the italian one Gente Motori. Licence plate in 1992 : MO 976886 (Italy). The car was seen during the 1993 F1 Grand Prix in Monaco.
At last, the car was shipped to Greece and seems to be still there, near Athens (D0K 3859).

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