Monaco white
Blu Scuro

The EB110 GT #39026 was a special execution made for the Japan, in order to show some customization possibilities for customers. The car was completed the 10 march of 1993, built on the Aerospatiale carbon chassis N°22, with unique features directly on the factory lane : removed lateral rear glass replaced by an integrated panel, a strange dual tone paint (Bugatti blue for the upper part of the cockpit, dark blue for the main body), special interior with dark blue quilted leather, dashboard with aluminum panel, carbon coated instrument panels.
During the first half of 1993, the car was shipped to Japan and was exhibited at the Ark Hills, in Tokyo during the summer for the special ceremony, held to celebrate the presentation of the EB110 in Japan.
In 2010, the car was exhibited in the Mercato Rosso mall in Susuki, always in Japan, completely refurbished in white color, with the rear bumper painted in black, as for the standard configuration. The interior was kept in its original form, with the dark blue leather, aluminium and carbon panels. As many "early" EB110 model, the car seems to have been refurbished by the factory, with a plate on the driver side engraved with the second configuration : Monaco White for the body and the name of the second owner.
The car was seen during some meetings in Susuki in 2011. The car was under service by Nicole Racing.
2015 : GT39026 is for sale at Reckless Co. Ltd (Fukuoka City, Japan), for an astronomic price (1M$).

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