Bugatti Blue
Dual tone White / Grey

The GT 39027 was completed at the factory the 15th, March 1993, on the Aerospatiale carbon chassis N°20. The car was ordered by the famous Japanese collector Yoshiho Matsuda, via the Bugatti Japan structure. The GT39027 is the only EB110 with a white interior, the dashboard is finished in the standard grey leather. The car was delivered the 20th of March, 1993.
1993, summer :
The GT39027, as all other EB110 ordered in Japan at this date (GT39023, GT39026 and SS39004) joined the EB112 prototype #39001 for the official presentation of Bugatti in Japan, at the Ark Karajan Hills Plaza, in Tokyo. A report was produced by Super CG during the event and a movie was realized with the cars driving through the Tokyo's streets.
1994, June: The GT39027 was part of the "Japanese contingent" that was back in Europe in order to participate to the Italy Bugatti International Meeting.
2012 : Tokyo (Ark Hills Plaza)
The GT39027 was on display during the Bugatti Brunch in Tokyo.
2015 : Motegi, Twin Ring track
The car was exhibited with other supercars during a sport cars meeting in Motegi.

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