Bugatti Blue
Standard dual tone light grey/ dark grey

The GT 39028 was completed at the factory around the 17th, April 1993, on the Aerospatiale carbon chassis N°31. The car was sold in Germany via the local importer Auto-König, equipped with the expensive Supersport rims option.

1994, Aug : Germany
The German importer Auto Konig has organised a meeting for EB110 customers during the 1994 Oldtimer Grand Prix, at the Nürburgring. No less than 7 EB110 were present, including the GT39028.

2007 : United Kingdom
The car is now in UK, for sale at the Ferrari Dealer of Exeter, licensed B 110 GT, with around 10,000 km on the odometer.

2011 : Italy
The GT39028 is for sale in Verona at Auto Mistral, with 11,600 km.

2015 :

It seems that Italy has mourned the disappearance of Bugatti and it is time now to rediscover the history of Campogalliano. Several initiatives will create a real interest for the Italian Bugatti story and put the EB110 in front of the stage.
Thus, Davide Cironi has made a Youtube movie called "Drive Experience" dedicated to the Bugatti EB110. The GT39028 is used and was filmed at the Campogalliano factory and shooted for a report of
The car is still with its UK plate.

2016 :
Still in this new momentum in Italy, a formidable project called "La Fabbrica Blu", supported by Davide Maffei, will bring together the actors of the saga (Artioli, Benedini ...) to create a film about the history of Bugatti in Campogalliano.
The first screening was organized the 27 of September, 2016 at the Modena Motor Gallery, with the GT39028 on exhibition in the Gallery.

2017, Feb :
Luca Vaccari has also made a report about the Campogalliano adventure, using the GT39028.

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