ZA9AB01E0 PCD 39031
Verde Scuro Metalizzatto
Standard dual tone greys
United Kingdom

The construction of EB110 GT chassis 031 began on 17 April 1993, with factory testing taking place on 7 May. The official completion has being listed as occurring on 11 May. On that very same day, most likely at the factory, the car, finished in the rare shade of Verde Scuro, was delivered to its original owner, a German enthusiast by the name of Polhmann (he will order later an EB110 Supersport). The first issuance of GT 031 occured the 13rd of may, 1993.
The GT 031 was seen quite quickly after its arrival in Germany, perhaps in 1993, still with a temporary plate from Munich (M-063683). The car was exhibited in late 90's at the Essen motorshow. By December 1994, this EB110 GT was serviced, having covered 10,000 KMs. Less than 18 months later, in June 1996, this car was serviced again, this time displaying 19,800 KMs. The car was displaying Germany license plate HNC 0551.
The life of this green GT was slightly quiet during few years and it is believed #031 have later passed through the care of owner in Austria before coming into the ownership of an italian caretaker.

In the beginning of 2014, the car is for sale in Monaco, at RM Autosport, displayed at € 350,000, with 24 633 km on the odometer.
2014, april : The GT 031 is annonced for sale at the future auction in Monaco, organized by RM Auctions. A great photosession is organized in the South East of France (24652 km on the clock).
2014, may 10th : the GT 031 was sold € 280000 during the RM Auction organized in the Sporting of Monaco.
2014, may : new destination for this GT, the car boards for the sunny climate of Lebanon and joins a nice classic car collection. At its arrival in Lebanon, the car was licenced in Lagos (Nigeria). Some pictures was done during lebanese sportcar meetings, especially in Beyruth. The car was under detailing at AutoForm, always in Beyruth.
2017, Sept : The GT 031 returns to Europe and is announced for sale at Girardo & Co, with less than 25,000 km on the odometer.

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