ZA9AB01S0 PCD 39032
Blu Bugatti
Standard dual tone grey

The EB110 #39032 was the third GT sold new in Switzerland but it was the first with the Swiss chassis code destination (S0 instead of E0). The car was assembled on the Aerospatiale chassis N°034 and fitted with the engine N°045. The car was delivered in August 30th 1993 via the swiss importer Chevalley SA, to Kurt Robin Halter.
1999, sep :
After its swiss life, the car was licensed in The Netherlands (XG-VS-55) and was seen at the annual event of the Ferrari Club of Nederlands (FCN).
2000 :
The GT39032 is seen another time at the FCN meeting, organized in 2000 in the region of De Peel, in the southeast of the Netherlands.
2001, may
The car became a regular of the FCN gathering and was here for the 2001 edition in Enschede (NL).
2003, Feb
The car was on exhibition in the show room of Munsterhuis, the Ferrari dealer located in Hengelo (NL).
The GT39032 was still in The Netherlands with the same owner. The car was seen on service, parked with a couple of EB110 Supersport (SS39010 and SS39011).
2006, Jun 20
The car was seen in the paddock of the italian car meeting of Spa Italia, in Spa Francorchamps (Belgium).
The GT39032 was enroled in the 2008 edition of the Droomrit Voor Het Leven, a charity rally organized in the Netherlands.
The GT was seen during a driving session with the Supersport SS39010. In the same year, the car was on exhibition in the show room of a dutch dealer (for sale?).
The GT39032 was used for both indoor and outdoor photo session for
The same year, the car was seen another time at Droomrit Voor Het Leven, for the 2011 edition.
2012 Sept 01st
The GT39032 was part of the Blauwvinger Rally (NL).

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