ZA9AB01E0 PCD 39033
Blu Bugatti
Standard dual tone grey

The EB110 GT #39033 was assembled on the Aerospatiale chassis N°028 and fitted with the engine N°046. The beginning of the assembly has started in may 1993 and the car was completed at the end of july 1993. The official delivery occured the 30th of august, 1993 to a German customer, Mr Walter Eder.
However, it seems the factory or the local distributor borrowed GT39033 for the IAA Frankfurt International Motorshow in September 1993. The car was exhibited on the Bugatti stand, side by side with the EB112 #39001 and the Supersport prototype SS39005.
2012, Feb :
Then, as often, this EB110 GT has lived quietly until it was offered for sale in 2012 in Germany (at Sportwagen Engel, in Andernach), perhaps licensed in Switzerland (?). The interior was customized with a protective aluminium plate fixed on the door sill. The car has 14000 km on the clock.
2012, Sept :
The car, licensed in Germany (MYK-BE110) was bought by a customer from Portugal, that live in France, near Cannes. The car was under service at P3 Automobiles, a Lamborghini specialized workshop. Some administrative problems impaired the licensing in France.
2014, early :
Freshly arrived, freshly gone... the GT39033 was sold in Norway. The first task of the new owner was to apply a complete detailling to the car.
Still in 2014, the GT39033 was exhibited during a sportcar motorshow in Norway, side by side with a Ferrari 288 GTO.

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