ZA9AB01E0 PCD 39034
Blu Bugatti
Standard dual tone grey
United Kingdom

The EB110 GT #39034 was assembled on the Aerospatiale chassis N°035 and fitted with the engine N°051. The car was built in 1993, from June to September and was delivered the 16th of September 1993 to Nick Lancaster. The GT39034 was the first EB110 sold in United Kingdom.
The GT39034 was used as press car in United Kingdom, licensed "4 EB".

1994, March
The car was tested by Autocar & Motor, in the issue of the 16th March. The same month, the magazine CAR has made a comparative between this EB110 GT, a Jaguar XJ220 and a Ferrari F40.
1994, June :
Nick Lancaster has enroled the GT39034 to the International Bugatti Rally in Italy.

1996 :
The car is sold to a customer, including the "4EB" licence plate, in United Kingdom.

2000, Dec 4th :
The car was sold at the Bonhams and Brooks auction in London, with 12,628 km on the odometer. The GT39034 was sold for $164,980.

2001, March :
The car was exported to the USA probably via the dealer Keuylian Motor Cars of Los Angeles, one of the biggest US Lamborghini importer of the time. On march 4th, the car was enroled to the Concorso Italiano, held at the Quail Lodge in Monterey, California.

2003, March : same event, same location
The GT39034 was exhibited side by side with the US prototype SS39030.
2006 : The car still seems to be in the California area, licensed in the Nevada State, under the NHTSA Show or display statute (wich limits on-road use to 2500 miles per year).
2017, Jun 4th : The car is for sale at the Bonhams auction during the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance. The GT39034 (lot n°181) has 15600 km on the clock and was sold 541 338 €.

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