ZA9AB01S0 PCD 39035
Blu Bugatti
Standard dual tone grey

The EB110 #39035 was ordered in the second semester of 1993 and assembled on the Aerospatiale chassis N°029. It is the second GT built with Swiss market specifications and perhaps the first fitted with a real swiss specs engine. Indeed, the GT39035 was fitted with the engine N°077, a quite high number engine for this period that probably induced a delivery delay to the owner (perhaps first semester of 1994). It seems that swiss specifications engines were built in batch, in the same period (39035, 39039 and 39059 were respectively fitted with swiss specs engines N° 077, 076 and 078). The car was delivered in March 1993 via De Cillia in Austria.

Since, no news or pictures of this EB110.

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