ZA9AB01E0 PCD 39036
Blu Bugatti
Standard dual tone grey

The EB110 #GT 036 was assembled on the Aerospatiale chassis N°037 and fitted with the engine N°049. The car was assembled from the month of June 1993 and was delivered in September via the japanese importer, Nicole Racing. The car seems to be store in a private collection in Japan.
2006: The car was seen in Hiroshima, in a workshop during service.
The car is rarely seen elsewhere than at events organized by the importer Alpina - Bugatti in Japan, the Nicole Racing Days, at Fuji Speedway.

2007, June : The GT 036 joined an impressive EB110 group, with the SS 26, the GT 043, the GT 047 and the GT 042.

2012, June : New Nicole Racing Days organized at the Fuji Speedway with the GT 036 was exhibited during the event.

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