ZA9AB01E0 PCD 39038
Verde scuro Metallizzato
Dual tone light grey / dark grey

The manufacturing of the EB110 GT chassis 39038, finished in verde scuro with the standard dual tone grey interior, has started the 28th of july 1993 and the car was tested the 18th august. The completion was dated on 1st of september and the delivery occured 2 days later, the 3rd of september, 1993 via the official german dealer of Munich, Auto-König of Anzing. The car was ordered new with the SS rims.
1995, august : the car is spotted in Anzing, parked at the Auto-König dealer.
2006: After more than 10 years of discretion, the car is announced for sale in Germany, with 6750 km on the clock.
2010, november : The car was still for sale in Germany and was exhibited at the Essen Motorshow.
2016, march : Some news from GT39038, now for sale at Heurich Classics in Zeitlofs (Germany). SS rims have disappeared, replaced by a titanium colored GT rims set. More, the front spoiler is now equipped with a Dauer license plate holder and the rear bumper was full painted.
2016, may : For the first time since its delivery (more than 20 years), the car leave Germany. It joins the collection of a French enthusiast.
The car was sold with another set of standard GT rims.

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