ZA9AB01E0 PCD 39044
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Grigio Chiaro
Grigio Scuro

The EB110 GT chassis #39044 was ordered the 13 of september, 1993 and was completed the 22 of November, built on the Aerospatiale chassis N°032, fitted with the engine N°41. The car was sold in Germany via the dealer Auto König of Munich, ordered with a special dark grey interior, perhaps a unique feature among EB110 models. The car was licensed WES-KS7.
The first owner, Hans Dieter Suhrborg, participated in the International Bugatti Rally in Italy in 1994. The car was one of the few to be chosen for the exhibition on the Place St Marc of Venice.
1994, Aug
The GT39044, still licensed in Wesel (North-Rhine-Westphalia) was spotted at the 1994 Oldtimer Grand Prix.

1996 : The engine N°41 from GT39044 was used in the prototype GT39012.

The GT39044 is for sale in Italy, licensed with italian plate.
The rear bumper of the car is painted in grigio chiaro and the exhaust was replaced by a Remus 4 pipes sytem.

2013, aug and sept : The car was spotted several times at Lido di Jesolo, close to Venice. The car is still licensed in Italy (DS 132 LR).
2014, july : The car was spotted at the Red Bull Racing near Judenburg, in Austria.
2015, march : The GT39044 was seen at the Franciacorta racetrack, near Brescia.
2017, march : The car was still in Italy, with 36346 km on the odomoter.

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