ZA9AB01E0 PCD 39052
Grigio Chiaro
Standard dual tone grey

The EB110 GT #39052 was ordered on december 1993 via the dealer for Belgium, Alvan Motors. The car was built on the Aerospatiale chassis N°056 and was finished in the widespread configuration Grigio Chiaro for the body and the standard dual tone grey leather for the interior.

2005, April : After more than 10 years in Begium, the first owner sold the car in Monaco. The car was then exhibited at the "Musée de l'Automobiliste", in Mougins (France), fitted with a french temporary licence plate.

, May : The GT39052 was for sale at the Bonhams auction "Les Grandes Marques", in Monaco, with 15,250 km on the clock (lot N°176). The estimation was between 220 and 240 k€ but the car remained unsold after the auction of the 20 of May, 2006.

2009 : This Bugatti EB110 was then licensed in France (756 BQR 83) and was seen sometimes in the French Riviera, especially in Sainte Maxime.
The maintenance of the car was carried out at P3 Automobiles, in Le Cannet. In April 2011, the car was shipped to B-Engineering in Italy for a large maintenance.

#GT39052 was offered for sale with 16,250 km on the odometer at the RM Auctions in Monaco, during the Historic Grand Prix. The car was estimated to sell for €220.000 - €260.000. Bidding reached €200.000 but was not enough to satisfy the vehicle's reserve. It would leave the auction unsold.
2014: This EB110 was bought via Kidston SA by a new owner and the car was serviced once again in B-Engineering, work that included all fluids changed, 12 new spark plugs and a new right-hand-side exhaust pipe with catalysts and pre-catalysts. The current owner entrusted B-Engineering once again with the task of bringing ‘39052’ totally au point. Works completed included: stainless steel exhaust box and other exhaust fabrication; new headlamp glass; new air-conditioning radiator; a re-gas of the air-conditioning; paintwork correction and polishing. At the end of his Italian stay, a photo shoot was organized at the former Bugatti factory in Campogalliano.

2014, Dec : The car leaved Europe to land in Hong Kong (China), perhaps always in the hands of the same owner.
Surprisingly, the GT39052 is always equipped with its French licence plates and its swiss toll sticker. The EB110 was quickly seen in the streets of Hong Kong.
In january 2015, the car was under detailling at the EDP (
Elite Detailling Protection) workshop.

2016, Oct : #39052 was exhibited at the Hongkong Gold Coast Motor Festival
, with the EDP sticker on the licence plate.
2017, May : A nice photosession was organized by night in Hong Kong.
2017, Jun : End of the asian trip for #39052 and return to Switzerland. The car was, once again, offered for sale at Kidston, with only 16,925 km on the clock (so a little bit more than 1500 km in 11 years).

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