Grigio Chiaro
Standard dual tone grey

The EB110 GT chassis #39065 was completed at the factory the 30 of March 1994, with some special features from the Supersport model, such as the SS rims and the brake air intake on the front fender. As on some other EB110, the forward turn signals appear darker than the standard ones. The car was licensed in Italy the 13 of April 1994, with the licence plate AB 110 GT.

The GT39065 was seen in May 1998 in Monaco during the F1 Grand Prix, parked in front of the Metropole Palace.
In october 1998, the car changed its italian registration, with the AW 872 TN number. In February 1999, the car was exported from Italy and disappeared during a long moment.
Early 2000's : the car was in Belgium, at the Alvan Motors workshop. Serious mechanical interventions appear to have taken place.
Since, the GT39065 was completely volatilized and none car with this configuration was ever seen.

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