ZA9AB01E0 RCD 39068
Bugatti Blue
Light and Dark grey
Czech Republic
United Kingdom

The EB110 GT #39068 was ordered the may 5th, 1994 by Tradeast for a customer in Czech Republic, via the dealer Zdenek-Auto, and was delivered the august 04th, 1994. The car was finished in the standard Bugatti blue with a dual tone color leather (light and dark grey).

The car was licensed in Czech Republic AEP-9999 and was seen in 2001 at the Dauer workshop in Nuremberg, perhaps for service. It is possible the engine was swapped by another one at this time.
In 2005, the car was spotted in Germany near Coblenz, with a temporary license plate, still from Czech Republic (32S - 42E). The standard rear pannel between lights was replaced by a Dauer one, with the Bugatti logo in the middle.
2007 : #39068 has recovered its original license plate (AEP-9999) and was spotted occasionally in Czech Republic. In 2008, the car was seen in Prague during a sport cars meeting.
2009 and 2011: the car is regularly used and seen at different event, especially during a track day.
2012: the car was in Italy, for sale at Mistral Auto in Verona. The car was exhibited at various events and motorshows.
Then, the GT39068 was bought by an italian entrepreneur who amassed a very large number of vehicles in his collection, called "The Treviso Collection". Pursued by the Italian tax authorities for tax crimes, the collection was seized by the government in 2015.
After several delays due to appeals in court, the sale is finally organized in November 2016 by RM Sotheby's, as the Duemila Ruote Collection, with 430 cars for sale.
2016, nov 27th : The Duemila Ruote occured in Milano and the lot N°588, the GT39068, was sold for 616 000 €. The order of seizure was removed 10 days following the sale.

2017, May : The GT39068 was now in United Kingdom, at the JD Classics motor dealer.
2017, Jun : The car was exhibited at the London City Concours.

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