ZA9AB01E0 RCD 39069
Grigio Scuro
Brabus one off : cognac / black

The EB110 GT #39069 was ordered the April 29th, 1994 by the well-known German tuner Brabus, based in Bottrop. The car was ordered in the most dark shade of grey, the Grigio Scuro. Brabus has modified the EB110 GT with some subtile details : the rear spoiler is body colored painted with a Brabus logo fixed below the central light, a sport exhaust sytem with four pipes made in stainless steel and the interior is reconsidered in a more luxury style. The leather was refurbish in a dual color black and cognac-coloured full leather, with a slight drape effect, all wood plating were replaced by black piano wood. A black stitching on the seats and a brown one on the floor carpets was applied. The cockpit of the EB110 appears much more luxurious with this customization.
The car was licensed in Germany with temporary plates (BOT-06050), and Bodo Buschmann, the founder of Brabus, registered the car at the Bugatti Rally in Italy in 1994.

The GT39069 was one of the selected cars on display at the Piazza San Marco in Venice.
1995 around
The car is for sale at the German dealer "Auto Salon" in Singen.
The car is still in Germany, for sale at "Autodromo" in Adenau.
2009, Jun
The car is in Luxembourg and licensed there.
he car was seen during a service at the Brabus workshop in Bottrop (Germany).

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