ZA9AB01E0 RCD 39079
Dark Green
Light and Dark grey

The EB110 GT #39079 was ordered the May 11st, 1994 by Tradeast for a german customer. The car was finished in dark green with a dual tone color leather (light and dark grey).

1996 : The car was in the show room of Alvan Motors in Gent (Belgium) and sold to a belgium customer.

The #39079 GT is regularly seen at different events mainly in Belgium (Zoute GP for example) but also in France at the Festival Bugatti in Molsheim (2015).
2013 : the owner has decided to perform a complete makeover and upgrade of the mechanical part of the car. The engine was upgraded to SS specifications with parts from B-Engineering and Monaco Racing team by Lotus Verhiest (Oostende, Belgium). The Ansa exhaust system was replaced by a 4 pipes exhaust. The gear box was modified with shorter gear ratios by Wanni Albertini at Gearfox, Italia.

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