ZA9AB01E0 RCD 39093

The EB110 GT #39093 was assembled in the late 1994 and was sold new in Belgium, via the local dealer "Alvan Motors". In the early 2000, the car was seen licensed M110, in Monaco.

2001 : The car is proposed for sale at the "Poulain & Le Fur auction in Monaco. The car remained unsold.
2016 : After 15 years of discretion, the car is proposed for sale on the list of the “The Greenwich Weekend Auction”, organized by Dragone Auctions of Boston. The description of the car is completely uninformative except the fact the car underwent servicing at a cost of $50,000. #39093 has 14623 km on the clock.
The auction occured on june 4th 2016 in Westport (Connecticut) but the car was not sold.

September 24th, 2016 : the GT #39093 was exhibited in the Revere Hotel hall of Boston (Massachusetts), as featured private sale, during The Boston Cup Auction.

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