ZA9AB01G0RCD 39096
Rosso Scuro
United Kingdom

The GT 39096 was one of the very last EB110 produced on the regular assembly line in the Campogalliano factory. The car was built on the Aerospatiale chassis number 111 and the engine was the number 131. The car was ordered for the Middle East market but it appears to have been exported to the United Kingdom.
The GT 39096 was licensed in UK (M 496 XPP) and was maintened by Pullicino Classics.

2001, late : the car is now in the Netherlands, for sale at the Van Asselt dealer, still in its UK plate.

2002, Jan : The EB110 GT was exhibited at the Interclassics Maastricht Show (Netherlands).

2002, Oct : Auto Moto Italia Show, Houten (Netherlands).

2003, Feb:
Despite the successive exhibitions, the car is still on sale at Van Asselt and is displayed in the show room of Weesp (Netherlands).

2003, Aug : The car is listed for the next Christie's Auction, that will take place at the Concours d'Elegance in Apeldoorn, at the Paleis Het Loo (Netherlands).
The car, with 6000 km on the odometer, is used for the description and the catalogue's photoshoot.
The imbroglio...
During The Concours d'Elegance of Paleis Het Loo, by some magic trick, it seems that a car with the same configuration, the GT39061, replaced the 39096 on the day of the sale.
It is possible that the car was sold just before the auction and replaced by a similar one, for sale at the same moment.
In any case, the GT39096 was sold to a German customer and the car was serviced at both Dauer and Reichel Sportweigen before registering the car in Germany on plates EBE-GT110.
2006 :

The GT39096 is used for a special Bugatti report in Octane, with a pre serial model of the Veyron and a replica of the T57 Atlantic.

2006 : The car was sold in Austria with 17000 km on the clock. The car was licensed in Austria.

2014, may : The car was maintened at Schuttenbach Automobile, in Anzing (Germany).

2016, Feb : GT39096 is still in Austria and was spotted in Salzburg.

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