ZA9AB01E0 RCD 39098

The EB110 GT #39098 was assembled in october 1994 and sold to Monaco. The first part of the life of #39098 was really discrete during almost 20 years and finally, in 2014, the car made its first appearance in the hands of Matthias Reichel, an EB110 specialist based in Nuremberg (Germany). This varnished black GT (a rare choice in the Bugatti color palette) was licensed since 1996 in Ludwigsburg, Germany (LB - M18). The car was used for a video report in the "Grip" german program.

The car was under service at Reichel Sportwagen, with a Nuremberg temporary licence plate (N-041930) and was sold in 2015.
2015 : #39098 is delivered in France in February, to its new owner in the Nice area. The car joins an impressive collection of supercars.
It seems that the new owner is more inclined to use his car as the previous one because during the 2015 year, the car was spotted in Juan Les Pins during the summer and was part of the French Riviera Classic, held at the Football stadium of Nice, in october 2015.
The car was part of a small Bugatti exhibition composed of a T35, the EB110 GT and a Veyron Centenaire. #39098 seems licensed in Czech republic.

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