Hello Bugatti EB110's enthusiasts! My name is Johann Petit and I am pleased to welcome you on this site dedicated to all lovers of beautiful cars, admirer of the EB110 or simply curious.

It was a strange idea to start a registry only dedicated to one model, retired for almost 20 years. The first step of the registry were held in 2006, when Jean Bosco Lagneau and myself started to think to put online a record of a supercar endearing and unusual, the ephemeral Bugatti EB110. Given the low production of the car, we thought it would be a surmountable task.
However, almost 10 years later, even though much of the path has been made, many gray areas remain. The Bugatti EB110 Registry was an opportunity to bring together a large number of fans around the world, to exchange with passionate owners, to meet some of the main actors of the saga, and ultimately discover a much more complex story there appeared.

This web site is the results of many years of works and research, from the graphical conception to the EB110 's informations collect. This job is an essential and tremendous one so I need your help to complete this story. If you have informations (not seen on this web site), please send them here : The Bugatti Registry.
Specify me if you agree to publish yours data and pictures here.

In the same way, if you have some questions or comments, send them to me directly by mail here.
Johann Petit,

The Bugatti
EB110 Registry

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