The Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona

In the duel opposing Ferrari to Lamborghini, the Santa Agatha bull took an advantage in 1966 with the presentation of the Miura, a spectacular mid engine supercar with an incredible Gandini body shape. Everybody were impatient to see the Ferrari response.
In 1968, the new V12 berlinetta was there : the 365 GTB4 "Daytona". The public was quite surprised to discover a car with ultra classic technical specifications : front V12 engine, an elegant but modern
style due to Pininfarina and Fioravanti. With its 4,4 L V12 engine, 350 bhp at 7500 tr/min, the Daytona were a sensational sportcar : 25 sec to reach 1000 m or 280 kmh top speed.
The Daytona has known several evolutions : the Lexan face of the early model were modified to get the US specifications, a spyder version were produced and a racing version were developped to run the Groupe IV races.

Ferrari 365 GTB4 plexiFerrari 365 GTB4Ferrari 365 GTS4 conversionFerrari 365 GTB4
Ferrari 365 GTS4 conversionFerrari 365 GTB4Ferrari 365 GTB4 GrIVFerrari 365 GTS4 conversion

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