Complete vehicule identification number : -
Exterior : Black
Interior : Black, with blue belts
Year : 1994

Note : GT spoiler.
The car was sold new in Japan and was seen during a japanese supercar
exhibition. Then, the car was exported toward Europe and were seen in Germany, in the SPS service area, with a (fake?) plate EB 110 SS. Belgoexport had it for sale during a moment and the car was then exhibited at the TechnoClassica in 2006.
39014 was then sold in Dubai and shipped there by Plane, with Fed Ex company, via the Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport (with always the plate EB 110 SS). At last, the car has been seen in Dubai in 2009, with the licence plate 95950.

Acknowledgments : B. Reiter, Nicole Racing.
Pictures credits : D. De Jaeger, Matthias Kierse, SPS Automotive, Belgoexport, unknown authors.