Complete vehicule identification number : ZA9BB02E0 SCD 39040
Exterior : Silver
Interior : dual tone dark blue / light blue
Year : 1995

Note : Perhaps the last EB110 SS built. The special interior colors (dual tone blue) and the Dauer's rear plate between the lights are not typical from the Campogalliano's era. The car was first licensed in Italy the 12/05/2003 (AM390LA), and it seems to suggest that the car was finished somewhere else than Campogalliano (Dauer or B-Engineering).
The 13/02/2004, the car was licensed one more time in Italy with the plate CF583ND and seemed to be stored at the B-Engineering building. The car was tested in Evo magazine, with the red Edonis.
#39040SS was seen in Sant'Agatha (I) in 2008.
The car was sold in European Union the 29/12/2011.

Pictures credits : Swisscarsighting, Nicolas Jeannier (Supercar.net), EVO, unknown authors