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The Zagato Day - a special photo session of wonderful Aston Martin models.

A very special event for me : a private photo session with legendary and prestigious car models.
3 Aston Martin were met in the same place... but not classic Aston Martin, very special ones! My first time seen Zagato Vantage (51 models), with its spider injection powered version, the Zagato Volante (35 models, this one with a special cosmetic modification using a Vantage front) and, at last, a beautiful V8 Vantage Volante. A static shoot were organized near the Seine river and then, we took place inside these beauties to make a run in the North of the Parisian Area. An unbelievable moment of happiness.
Many thanks to the owner of these 3 Divas, for his kindness, his passion and his exotic taste for the rarest cars in the world.

At first, we arrived at the meeting point a few couple of minutes before the Aston Martin arrival. This moment was very special for me because I had never seen a Zagato Vantage coupé before, and I've tried for years to catch one in many countries (Switzerland, England...), with no success. I had seen some Zagato Volante models but no closed version. And this great day was arrived.... a grey Volante model is coming far away in the street, with a burgundy red model just behind. I smiled.

We placed the two Zagato in front of the Seine, with the V8 Vantage Volante in the side. The sun was shining in this quite cold late winter day, the light was great. We started the photo shoot.

And then, I took place in the Zagato Vantage for more than 1 hour run. Unreal car this Zagato... so different from what I was thinking. A luxury car for sure, but not so really, the feeling is very mechanical, noise and vibrations are incredibles... a real man's car. If I closed my eyes, It was easy to think it's an off-shore boat.
The big V8 engine music was astonishing and quite rustical, but gave powerful accelerations. Not so impressive inside the car, but you just had to look at the other cars in the side mirror to convience yourself.... In front of the Zagato nose, a Zagato Volante and a V8 Vantage Volante were running, simply unbeleivable!
For the return, I changed for the V8 Vantage Volante, an another universe of smoothness.

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