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2017, september 10 - Chantilly

The Bizzarrini BZ2001 is an abortive attempt to revive the Bizzarrini brand. Based on a Ferrari testarossa and shaped with a Luigi Colani inspiration, the BZ2001 was never produced. There may be 3 copies today.

2017, may 30 - Bordeaux

The Mc Laren F1 remains one of the most inaccessible supercar due to its rarity, and this is particularly true for its road version. This year, the "Mc Laren F1 Tour" sets its suitcases right next to my house. Too good to be true!

2017, may 28 - Campogalliano

As the creator of the Bugatti EB110 Registry, there are events that should not be missed. The "Return to the Blue Factory" was one of those, with a quite unic meeting of 7 EB110, parked inside the production line in the Bugatti factory, in Campogalliano (Italy). A great moment with many actors of the Bugatti history.

2017, mar 08 - Geneva

In order to celebrate the 87th Geneva Motorshow, a special Koenigsegg gathering was organised in Geneva. Such a line up of swedish supercars was just unbelievable.
2017, feb 07 - Paris

The difference between the beautiful and the sublime is in detail. Alpina is a specialist of the genre and the Roadster Z8 Alpina is the quintessential.
2016, sept 17 - Angoulême

There are some findings that give more pleasure than others : meet a Panther De Ville without expect is a great time for an exotic car enthusiast.
2016, sept 3 - Chantilly

The Bugatti Veyron is not a rare car in luxury places or big events but 10 Veyron in one place, it's the first time for me! "Arts & Elegance" rules!
2016, july 10 - Le Mans

Finally, I got it! The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Roadster is exhibited at the Le Mans Classic event. What a car!
Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Roadster
2016, june 17 - Le Mans

The new Bugatti Chiron looks good in simple color, despite its very disharmonious rear.
Bugatti Chiron

2016, june 04 - Le Vigeant

The french Ferrari club in force at the Sport & Collection meeting.
Sport Collection 2016

2016, may 15 - Monaco

An incredible Lamborghini Miura triplet, under threatening skies.
Lamborghini Miura

2015, september 05 - Chantilly

One of my favourite car, the Aston Martin Lagonda, drawn by Williams Towns, probably under the influence of narcotic.

2015, june 13 - Le Mans

It's always hard to catch a Mc Laren F1, even in GTR version. However, sometimes things are easier...