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2017, mar 08 - Geneva

In order to celebrate the 87th Geneva Motorshow, a special Koenigsegg gathering was organised in Geneva. Such a line up of swedish supercars was just unbelievable.
2017, feb 07 - Paris

The difference between the beautiful and the sublime is in detail. Alpina is a specialist of the genre and the Roadster Z8 Alpina is the quintessential.
2016, sept 17 - Angoulême

There are some findings that give more pleasure than others : meet a Panther De Ville without expect is a great time for an exotic car enthusiast.
2016, sept 3 - Chantilly

The Bugatti Veyron is not a rare car in luxury places or big events but 10 Veyron in one place, it's the first time for me! "Arts & Elegance" rules!
2016, july 10 - Le Mans

Finally, I got it! The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Roadster is exhibited at the Le Mans Classic event. What a car!
Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Roadster
2016, june 17 - Le Mans

The new Bugatti Chiron looks good in simple color, despite its very disharmonious rear.
Bugatti Chiron

2016, june 04 - Le Vigeant

The french Ferrari club in force at the Sport & Collection meeting.
Sport Collection 2016

2016, may 15 - Monaco

An incredible Lamborghini Miura triplet, under threatening skies.
Lamborghini Miura

2015, september 05 - Chantilly

One of my favourite car, the Aston Martin Lagonda, drawn by Williams Towns, probably under the influence of narcotic.

2015, june 13 - Le Mans

It's always hard to catch a Mc Laren F1, even in GTR version. However, sometimes things are easier...