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A wonderful site with a lot of amazing pictures of the nicest cars in the world.
You'll able to see that Monaco's streets are really astonishing.

Personal shooting of beautiful cars shooted in Switzerland and other "hot spot". Very good stuff here.
Icemanbravo's site, very esthetical shots of cars in Monte Carlo's areas.
Pterps Carsightings
Peter is a sighter from Nederlands, with a lot of things to show you.
Almost a professional photographer, Guy is an eclectic canadian spotter....
Site of a french Vector fan with a lot of informations about the american supercar.
Personal shooting of cars located in the North of France, with excursions in Great Britain or Belgium.

David Anderson's site : a scottish spotter of supercars.
Car sighting in France, especially during competition events.
Track site
Car sighting in Paris and in France for special events. Great shots from Track.
Nice pictures taken from tracks and meetings, in Europe but especially in France.
Many events and sighting in this italian site. If you like red supercars, this is the place you have to visit.
L'auto GT
Luxury cars shooted in the east of France and Geneva. Very nice cars spotted there.
DNP Productions
the automotive digital photo album of Belgian photographer Peter De Nul.
a french spotter from West of France. Not only cars but landscape, flowers, animals...
a very complete website for Lamborghini Miura enthusiasts. Descriptions,specifications, VIN or pictures of the differents versions of the 60's icon.
Simone is a spotter coming from Italia. Nice catch and pictures with regular updates.
A site dedicated to the Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole, with a lot of informations and pictures of the V8 powered italian diva. A french registry of this specific model can be find on this very sophisticated web site.
Markus is a spotter from Germany. Many shots of great sportcars.
Auto Museum
A collaborative web ressource for technical specifications of produced cars. Very interesting site.

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