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The Tour Auto 2008
Check point before Brives La Gaillarde (Corrèze, France)

The annual edition of the famous french historic race, the Tour Auto. This year, I followed the end of the 3rd step of the rally, running from Vichy to Brives La Gaillarde in Corrèze, near the little town of Saint Féréole. More than 200 prestigious or popular cars were participated to the 2008 edition, but with dramatic wheather conditions for a large part of the race. The part I followed was probably the worst of the race with continuous and strong rain during all the afternoon... quite hard to make you good quality pictures!
One regret, as usual, the organizers are probably very attentive with the competitors but are always distant with the public. The closed park (in Brives this time but I think it was the same thing in the other towns) was always completely prohibited to the public and nothing is made to allow them to see the cars. A better alignment of the cars in front of the barriers would allow people to see them for example, without nobody enter the park.

A particular edition this year with the celebration of Osca, with many models derived from the MT4, presented on the race. In order of the pics below, a MT4 1961, a MT4 "Siluro" 1949, a MT4 1949, a MT4 1958, a MT4 Vignale Berlinetta 1953, a MT4 1953 and the last one, a 750 S 1958.

Osca models


It's always unbeleivable to see a legendary car such the Ferrari 250 GTO, arriving from a small mountain road, under a flood of water. This is what makes the charm of the Tour Auto.

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