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Maranello 2008
A day in the red town

As we made 2 years ago, we returned to Maranello in order to visit the town and the Galleria Ferrari. Our program was quite the same as the last time but we were luckier with the "hazardous sightings" this time : a lot of prototypes were running on the Fiorano track or through Maranello, and many Ferraris were on test on the road.
We arrived at twelve and we decided to have a look to Fiorano before lunch. Good idea because a development car of the new California (with a lot of make up!) were on test on the track, hardly driven by a Ferrari pilote. Damned, the new one is reliable with such treatment! A strange 599 Fiorano were running too, with big outgrowth instead of the air intakes'holes. A little deception with the new grid around the Fiorano track, It's now really difficult to take good pictures, it was easier two years ago.

We came back in the center of Maranello to eat to the famous Ristorante. In the way to the restaurant, a surprise : a Ferrari 365 GT4BB from England was parked, with a belgian 328 few meters on its side. I ordered some "pasta" for the lunch, so nice!

Second step after Fiorano, the Galleria Ferrari. My goal : the 288 GTO Evoluzione and the 360 Barchetta of Luca Di Montezemolo... the Galleria is still interesting to visit but I always estimate it is too expensive for so few cars exposed. This museum could exhibits two fold more cars than they do.
A nice surprise with the presence of a wonderful 375 Plus, one of the two 612 "India" were exposed too.

We made a little tour in Maranello to have a look to the differents repair shops, as Zanassi (nothing outside, but the full red repainted Enzo inside) and Toni Auto. Nice surprises here with so many french cars as usual and two interesting models outside : a 550 Maranello "World Speed Record" edition and an italian 208 GTB Turbo. Thanks to them for permitting us to take some pictures.

Last time, a nice black FXX were waiting for us in Zanassi, but this year, it was different... because we have seen a FXX on the street! We decided before leaving Maranello to go to the back door of the Ferrari factory because with good luck, it is possible to see some nice cars...
... and what a car! a road legal (??) FXX with stripes went out the factory to make a test, just when we arrived. I'm not sure about what this FXX was really : FXX evo, a normal FXX with protection or a development mule for a future supercar... no idea. Sorry for the ugly copyright but I had some disappointment with cropped pictures.

The next update for the Italia Tour 2008 will be about a magnificient private collection : the Panini Collection. Coming soon!

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