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The Panini Collection
A wonderful private Maserati museum

Probably the most surprising visit of the year : the Panini Collection. It's not really a museum but the private collection of a well known man, a man famous for a lot of children because the father of Mr Panini was the creator of the stickers of the same name. Nowadays, he changed his activities and became a farmer with a permigiano factory.
Mr Panini is a real Maserati lover and has composed a beautiful and large collection, but a particular one with a lot of prototypes and one off bought to the Maserati factory : Maserati A6G Allemano or Pininfarina, the fantastic prototype of the Chubasco, the Indy based Simun concept, the Barchetta Stradale prototype or a quite unknown Merak Turbo.
I've said it was one of the most surprising visit this year, because the atmosphere of this area and this collection was so unreal. First, the weather in Italia was really awfull and the way to the Panini Museum was so hard to find! We were quite desesperate to find it when finally, we arrived to a large domain and to the building, just on the side of the cattle sheds! New problem : it was closed. After some discussions with employees, Mr Panini himself came and open to us! A great moment this visit, with wonderful models exposed in an Art-Deco atmosphere.

6 CM
250 F
Tipo 61
a 1990 Gandini designed
concept car
Stradale prototype
Racing model
Merak Turbo
A6G Allemano

Quattroporte Royale

5000 GT Allemano

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