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Our Italia tour is running in Modena, Italia. We make the visit of Ferri Auto, a well known exotic car dealer of the town. A particular Lamborghini Urraco model is shown : it is presented as the first production model but it looks like more to a pre serial model. Two others interesting cars are here : a Lamborghini Diablo GT (n°16/80) and a Ferrari 208 GTB Turbo.

In the way back to the hotel, we stop at the De Tomaso factory. The area is clearly desert, with some Guara parts outside, under the rain. A bit fantomatic vision...

Last step in our rainy visit of Modena, the ex Bugatti dealer, AutoSpeak, with an enormous surprise... the Ferrari Pinin, freshly arrived. Many thanks to the manager for his kindness. Other exotics are present too : a nice blue Diablo VT Roadster, a 365 GTC4, a TDF replica, the well known 308 GT/M body, a 155 DTM or a SZ30 Trofeo.

the Pinin

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