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RM Auctions - Ferrari Leggenda e Passione
Maranello 2009

This is my first report of the famous RM Auction "Ferrari Leggenda e Passione" in Maranello. The sale takes place in the heart of the Ferrari Formula 1 facilities, in the middle of the Fiorano track. I separate the report into two distinct parts : the auction itself and an overview of some cars spotted around the sale, you will see that the level of the cars can be easily compared to the prestigious auction!
Concerning the auction, cars proposed for sale were really exceptionals : 330 P4 1967 (0858) converted into 365 Canam , 250 Testa rossa 1957 (0714TR), a duo of 250 GT Spyder California (LWB 1959 1487GT and SWB 1962 3119GT), 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Speciale Bertone 1959 (1739GT), 365 GTB4 Competizione GrIV (16363) and a 250 GT TDF 1956 (0563GT) for examples. Some interesting Maserati were for sale too : 250 F 1956 (2526), 250 S 1957 (2431) and MC12 Corsa 2008 (33561).
The complete results can be read on the RM auction site but the first observation I can make is the current recession makes buyers cautious or, at least, patient. Only the fantastic black 250 TR was really successful with a nice 9 M€ auction, the 330 P4/365 Canam failed at 7,25 M€.
Now, let's have a look to the cars, the first part "Leggenda e Passione" is dedicated to the cars for sale, and the second one "Around the sale" will show you some interesting cars visitors :

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