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The "Parade des pilotes" 2009

Return to Le Mans to watch the parade, but this year, I arrived a little bit earlier in the afternoon and It was a great idea because, as usual, I have chosen one of the worst place to see the cars and to take pictures during the meeting. So, before the Parade, all the cars were parked at the Place des Jacobins and then, they slowly moved toward the closed park. It was the good moment for the report! The guest star this year was the Citroën GT Concept, It was clearly fantastic to see it running through the streets. For the first time exposed to the public, a new evolution of the Pagani Zonda, especially made for a customer, the Zonda PS (with a special exhaust system). Aston Martin were there with the new Vantage RS and Mercedes with the SLR 722 S. Spyker has came with the LM85 Evolution of the Laviolette Coupé... I had prefered the new C8 Aileron! Others interesting cars were the Tramontana R, the agressive Zenvo (it looks like a very angry Nissan R35GTR), the strange Vulca S (the marketing manager is probably a funny guy!) and a Caparo T1.

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