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Mondial Paris 2010

The Mondial de l'Automobile of Paris is always an event for car constructors by its surface and its crowds, that made it one of the biggest car exhibition in the world. So, what's new and interesting for this 2010 edition? For an exotic car enthusiast like me, not a lot of things. However, some news were quite exciting this year : Lotus with an avalanche of new models, Jaguar with the fantastic XC75 concept car and Bentley, with the subtle replacement of the Continental GT.

Nothing new with Rolls-Royce but a nice dark red Phantom coupé and a big BMW pit, with the Vision concept, a vintage 328 coupé, a M3 finished in a boring mate black and at last, the new Serie 6, presented as a concept. Not bad the new 6, more consensual than its predecessor.
Mercedes replaces the CLS with a more angular model and the CL was a little bit restyled. For Renault, the electricity is the future... why not with models like the Dezir, with a new identity for the front face.
For Citroën and Peugeot, nothing really new considering the Concept cars, with the Survolt and the nice SR1, already presented at Geneva. Except the 508, invisible for me, we can have a quick look to the new DS4 and the DS3 WRC.
A special focus on the Jaguar Concept, the CX 75, one of the nicest concept car of the last years. The CX 75 is a great sculpture that make me dream of a replacement for the XJ220. Some pics, I love it!
In bulk, some legendaries Mazda, the last evolution of the Nissan R35 GTR, some electric Venturi with a new useless concept, the America 4x4 .
For Ferrari, the event is the presentation of a new declination of the 599, the SA Aperta. I had hoped something more tasty than this Aperta... the aluminium parts and rims really gives an impression of cheapness and a complete convertible, without the lateral deflectors behing the seats, would have given another dimension to the 599.
Maserati presents the new version of the Gran Tourismo, the MC Stradale, a more agressive version of the S. I'm quite impatient to hear it sing in the open air, just to compare with the insane vocalizations of the S.
For Lexus, the LFA was the star of the exhibition with a classy piano black platform, without forget the Concept FT86, each day closer to the production step. Nothing really new for Chevrolet, with new appearences for the C6 ZR1 and Grand Sport.
A lot of news for Bentley, with my first encounter with the Mulsanne, the first world presentation of the new version of the Continental GT and the convertible Supersport. The Mulsanne is quite strange considering the front face, but the general shape is pretty class and gives a nice idea of luxury. For the New Continental GT, the changes are subtle but give a real impression of modernity. Really more interesting than the first feeling gave by the press pics.
For Audi, nothing really interesting except two concept cars : the E-tron Spyder and the Quattro Concept, a strange car very dated from the 80's.
The 911 is still alive for Porsche and declinations are more and more numerous : GTS, Speedster or GT2 RS.
Lamborghini made the show with a really expressive Concept, the Sento Elemento. It looks like the old Calla, with a complete carbon structure and bodywork. Interesting idea, but the Reventon design should be forgotten.
And now, the biggest surprise of the Paris show : the Lotus area. A crazy presentation of no less than 5 new models : the Elite, the Elise, the Elan, the Eterne and the promising future Esprit. I don't know if the idea of turning Lotus into a major manufacturer is judicious but ultimately, it's attractive...
And the rest, with the nice Fisker Karma and the well known yellow parisian De Tomaso Guara, but I love it!

Last part of my report, an exposition of concept cars or prototypes called "L'incroyable Collection", including the Mazda R787B LM and a nice "Gullwing" line up, composed with the wonderful C112, the C111 version 2 and a 300 SL.

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