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After the Jaguar D Type of the last week, let's stay with Le Mans glories with a yellow Ferrari 250 LM and the first produced Jaguar C Type. Two beautiful street cars, quite antagonist in their philosophy, a plum Lamborghini Murcielago and a tremendous black Bentley Continental T. Once will not hurt, I'll use my site as a forum : I'm an Aston Martin fan and each AMOC meeting are pure happiness. Normally, but except this time. Who is the stupid guy with the stupid idea to close the AMOC park with a grid of 3 meters high, a security guard and a dog? Le Mans is synonymous to passion for cars, sharing and fun... This way to barricade the park is not worthy of the brand and is disrespectful of its audience. Enjoy the back of a POW in a hole in a fence is similar to torture. Red Card to the AMOC!

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