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Return to the Geneva Motorshow after 4 years of absence, for the second press day. This year, the event was particular with the first world premiere of 3 different supercars, from legendary factories : Ferrari with the LaFerrari, Mac Laren with the P1 and Lamborghini, with a collector model limited to 3 road legal cars, the Aventador based Veneno.
Except this 3 stars, many news were exhibited : Corvette C7, with coupé and convertible versions, Maserati Quattroporte VI, Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Aston Martin Rapide S, Rolls Royce Wraith, Bentley New Flying Spur, Porsche 991 GT3 and Cup, Alfa Romeo 4C, Morgan Aero Coupe, SRT Viper or Mercedes C63 Edition 507. Some interesting prototypes were presented like the Honda NSX, a kind of Japanese Audi R8, the Spyker B6 Venero, the Ferrari 458 based Pininfarina Sergio or the already known Peugeot Onyx.

Let's start with the iconic Maranello factory and the new supercar, the LaFerrari. The design of this new car is really complicated with a modern face, a kind of mix between a 458 and a Formula 1, and a back part quite strange, inspired from the Glickenhauss' P4-5. The coupling of the front and the back of the LaFerrari is not harmonious in my opinion, I will have to wait to find one in the real world to fix my mind about it.
One of the hot spot of the Geneva Motorshow 2013 was the Mc Laren area, with the presentation of the new P1. To illustrate the correlation between past and present, theWoking factory has the good idea to bring the F1 LM XP1 from their museum... and clearly I was more impressed by the charismatic orange car than the yellow one. The impersonal design of the new models since the launch of the MP4-12C is not my cup of tea, and the P1 is in the same lineage. However, the car is impressive and will be probably one of the most efficient car ever produced.
The Lamborghini Veneno is probably the most controversed car of this triplet. The design is outrageous, the price disconnected from the human world (4 millions of €, without taxes) and the production number ridiculous : 3 models only. However, I love it.
I think produce an hypercar is a more interesting strategy than multipliate limited series of production models. The Veneno is a UFO and to imagine one in a street is just madness. Another first view for me was the Roadster version of the Aventador, and it seems clear the open version fit very well to the Aventador design.
I was waiting the new Vanquish Volante but the actuality of Aston Martin was only the restyling of the Rapide. This new Rapide S is evolving in the good direction with a stronger style, farther from the DB9 that gives to the 4 doors more charism and own personality. The Virage is turning into the new DB9 without any changes, the symbol of the Aston Martin difficulties to set up a clear range of models.
The Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra (one hundred in swedish) celebrates the swedish supercar maker’s 10th anniversary and the 100th car built. The dual tone paint job is really exceptional (but not necessarily the best taste) with carbon and 24 carat gold leaf.
Nothing really new for Pagani Automobili except a new spoiler more aggresive fitted on the 2 Huayra on display. The red model is equipped with the Zonda R wheels.
A new beginning for Spyker after the problem with GM and Saab, with a new partnership signed with a Chinese group. The production of the wonderfull C8 Aileron was restarted and first models are shiped to clients, like the one on display, sold in Russia.
The Geneva motorshow is an opportunity to present a prototype of a smaller model, in the range of the Porsche 911, called the B6 Vanator. The front part is typical from Spyker but the back is not really sexy... I hope a restyling more inspired will be applicated for the rear of the production model.
For Rolls Royce, news are rare so you need to know to appreciate : 2013 is the launch of the Wraith, a Ghost based Coupé. The design is simple and rather successful, this 2 doors version could be a success.
Bentley presents the new version of the Flying Spur, but the definition of the shape is still the same : completely devoid of personality. Another declination of the Continental GT is the Convertible model of the Speed.
For Bugatti, nothing new, just declinations for clients with a Grand Sport finished in chrome with green carbon and 2 Vitesse quite discretes, the first one finished in dark brown carbon and the second in a nice wine colored carbon. No news from the Galibier 4 doors model.
In the same way than Spyker, the Geneva Motorshow is for Gumpert synonymous of resurrection. The Apollo is back and 2 "S" versions are on display : a mate red and a mate black models.
Morgan is once again changing its Aero8, with a strange evolution of the Aero Super Sport, fitted with a fixed roof. It's something similar to the limited edition Aeromax, but the large window on the back bonnet is missing. This new model is cal Aero Coupé.
Noble is here too with 2 models of the M600, with a carbon bodied one. For Alfa Romeo, the definitive 4C is ready for production.
Two american news with the SRT Viper and the new Corvette C7, in coupe and convertible versions. For Wiesmann, the MF4 GT is lightnened for the Clubsport evolution.
First view of the Maserati Quattroporte VI, more japanese than italian in terms of style. The Lexus LFLC seems ready for production.
For Peugeot, the Onyx concept is recycled from the Mondial of Paris 2012 and Honda shows the NSX Concept, quite close to the Audi R8, with the same volumes. The Porsche 991 is beginning its slow mutation into a supercar with the first step : the GT3.
Slowly, Mercedes extends the range up of models and becomes difficult to understand : the CLA is again complexing the affair.
Geneva is the place to be for all the tuners and all of them tried to charm clients from the middle east, with models quite exhuberants.
Coachbuilders and designers presents some propositions : Pininfarina shows the Sergio, with the Dino 206 Speciale as reference, and Bertone brings an Aston Martin Rapide converted into a Break de Chasse, the Djet 2+2.
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