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The 2014 edition of the Geneva Motorshow was held from the 6th to the 16th of march, at the exhibition center, the Palexpo. Last year was characterized by fireworks of new supercars (Mc Laren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, Lamborghini Veneno) so this session was necessarily more quiet. The major event of the 2014 show is the presentation of the new Lamborghini Huracan, successor to the Gallardo, promised to a great carrier.
It's interesting to note that many manufacturers have introduced styling studies with a rather bold style, wich will be probably decline in future serial models, in close forms. Whether at Volvo, with the ES concept (a nostalgic wink to the old P1800 ES), at Mazda with the Hazumi, the future replacement for the Mazda 2 or at Skoda, with the Vision C, like a Czech VW Passat CC, these 3 cars have a trenchant style that will rejoice nice and charismatic car lovers.

The novelty on the Ferrari stand is the presentation of the California T, a California restyled with hapiness, equipped with a turbocharged V8 engine. The more virile body styling should assure to the model a good second half of commercial career.
After more than 11 years of loyal service, the Lamborghini Gallardo bows with the title of the Lamborghini the most produced in the history of the brand, with 6801 cars. The replacement is called Huracan and features a more consensual line where some curves are reappearing after several years of sharp edges. The second revolution consists in the return of aluminium colored rims on a Lamborghini stand, after years of totally depressing darkness. Come on, one more effort must eradicate the black rims!
The 2014 Geneva motorshow could be an opportunity for Porsche to officially unveil the 918 Spyder, but that was not the case. It will settle for a semi-formal presentation... sometimes, the logic of the constructors totally escapes me. In any case, the level of finishes of the 918 Spyder is light years away from the pre serial models one. The Porsche 919 of endurance competitions was luckier and could enjoy the spot lights and the eyes of the public.
Maserati celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and exhibits a very interesting concept car, named Alfieri, the name of one of the Maserati brothers. It is hoped that the Alfieri foreshadows the replacement for the cutesy Gran Turismo.
No new this year for Aston Martin, the range is extended to virtually identical. The V8 sees rewarded with a N430 evolution, a DB9 series called Black Carbon appears and 2 special orders of the division "Q by Aston Martin" are exposed : a Vanquish II Volante with a modified upholstery and a custom V12 Vantage.
The Bugatti job is the same since a long time, get to sell the last remaining copies of Veyron, before launching the next model. Two Vitesse models were exhibited, one plum and matte white, with a grey interior and carbon plum tinted, and the other much more interesting, part of the "Bugatti Legends" program. Color caramel and carbon brown tinted, it pays tribute to the sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti. The elephant, the Bugatti Royale mascot, adorns the interior, between the 2 seats.
Mc Laren news is rather confusing with the announcement of a new model, the 650S, interposed between the P1 and the MP4-12C. However, the 650S looks like nothing more than a MP4-12C grafted with the P1 nose. In addition, the lack of MP4-12C on the Mc Laren stand argues instead for a simple replacement of the MP4-12C by the 650S. Confused had I said? Novelty is that I begin to appreciate the P1, especially in this beautiful artic silver color.
The Swedish brand Koenigsegg continues to commercialize the Agera in S version but the interest of the stand manufacturer is the presentation of a study called One: 1, meanning a weight / power ratio of 1 (1,340 horses for 1340 kg). Six copies only will be made.
For Bentley, the sports version of the Continental GT called Speed, appeared in 2012, is already replaced by an evolution aptly named New Speed (original, isn't it?), near the former Supersport in terms of performance. The goal is probably to dig a larger gap with the standard version of the Continental GT. The cosmetic changes bring a breath of fresh air on the model.
Like the phoenix, Gumpert never ceases to resurrect and again expose the Apollo, relatively old model now. However, a rather disconcerting novelty is introduced: the Gumpert Explosion. This is a kind of reincarnation of Group B rally cars, in a specie near the Audi Quattro Sport. Unfortunately, the rather trivial body style, the obsolete finishes and its high price (125 k€ inc. VAT) will probably frustrate the return of Gumpert.
Mercedes renews its Haut de Gamme with the introduction of S-Class Coupé. If the front evolves smoothly, the rear part is riskier with soft lines uncharacteristic for the Stuttgart manufacturer. The interior is very refined with original materials and colors, although the design of the dashboard would gain to be less massive.
Alfa Romeo uncovered the 4C in Spider version, and it benefits optical block less unsightly than the coupe.
Pagani exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show a yellow Huayra and its Zonda Revolucion, the final version of the model. This limited to five copies with a 800 horsepower V12 6.0 L is displayed at 2,2 millions €.
News from Rolls-Royce are a subtle facelift for the Ghost, called now Series II, with new front lights a little more sophisticated and new design for rims. The Wraith coupe keeps the old front of the Ghost Series I. The lastest Jaguar F Type is now available in coupé.
On the american factory stands, the most interesting thing is a concept car from Cadillac, the Elmiraj, a large 4-door coupe with a sculptural body style but with typically American dimensions. On the Corvette stand, the new declinations of the C7 are exhibited, the racing C7R and the Z06 model, with the Z07 aero package.

The danish ST1 from Zenvo Automotive is still alive and two models are exhibited. News for BMW are the definitive version of the haut de gamme Coupé i8, still shaped with a concept car style but not as sexy as the first study, and the new Motorsport evolution of the 3 class, in 4 doors (M3) and 2 doors (M4).

Always a large area for the german Porsche tuner RUF, celebrating the anniversay of the RCT model with the launch of a new version based on the late 991. An interesting study of a V8 engine is also presented.
One of the surprises of this show comes from the tuner Fab Design, the first to unveil a slightly modified McLaren P1, one of the most exclusive car. In the same trend, the tuner Mansory shows a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport modified under the influence of the Vitesse evolution, called Vivere. The new Rolls-Royce Wraith Coupé is also revised and corrected.
Alpina addresses with happiness the 4-door coupe BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe into a B6 Biturbo Gran Coupé, simply sublime. The new B4 in convertible version is another novelty for the german tuner.
The Geneva Motorshow is always the place to be for german tuners : Hamman, Tech Art, Brabus, Carlsson or Khan.
The best and the worst of the tuning, with the perfectly executed Binz Borrasca, a widebody version of the Mercedes SLS Roadster, and the Nimrod heavy interpretations of the Ferrari 458 and the Lamborghini Aventador.
After the tuning universe, let's go into the more rafinate coachbuilder one. Touring presents a new sample of the Disco Volante, elegantly finished in metallic green with gold metal rims, side by side with a Coupé Disco Volante from the Alfa Romeo museum.
The Volvo style is enjoying a renaissance as evidenced by the new ES Concept. Mazda suggests replacing the cute Mazda 2 by the Hazumi, a small city car with a highly distinctive style. Skoda evokes a revolution by introducing a new sedan car in a very seductive style, the Vision C.
As usual, many prototype for the japanase brands, always looking to the future. The Lexus RCF Coupé is interesting but the japanese style is always too complicated for me.
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