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The 86th Geneva Motorshow
Palexpo Arena 2016

The 86th edition of the Geneva Motorshow was a particularly rich edition for all lovers of exclusive cars, with some world first for most manufacturers. For many, the major event of this show is the presentation of the successor to the Bugatti Veyron, the new Chiron. No supercars for Ferrari but the Maranello factory refreshes with happiness the FF model with the GTC4 Lusso evolution. The Maserati division presents a new SUV, the Levante, whose aesthetic is fairly discrete. Lamborghini advantage of the virtual birthday of its creator Ferruccio, who would have celebrated its 100th anniversary this year to present a new UFO, the Centenario, which fits perfectly into the dynasty of Reventon, Seisto Elemento and sulphurous Veneno. For Aston Martin, the beggining of the revolution is running with the unveiling of the new DB11, a hinge model for the English brand, wich announces a major renewal of its range. McLaren continues to decline its range by adding a roadster version to the 675 LT and a more comfortable version of the little 570, called 570 GT. For Koenigsegg, the Agera's page turns and the new chapter is called Regera that goes now into production. Bentley restyles the Mulsanne with a more chromed version that looks like to a Mansory Rolls-Royce. Welcome the umpteenth return of Spyker with a modified C8 Aileron called the C8 Preliator, and of Gumpert, now called Apollo, with a future model that seems promising, the Arrow.
As usual, the Geneva motorshow is the hotspot for all the european tuners with many delusions of more or less good taste.

The new Bugatti Chiron was one of the most highly anticipated new, because the career of his predecessor was long and ultimately rather successful. In addition, the characteristics of the Veyron was so extreme that to do better appeared as a challenge. So, the task is therefore important to overcome for the new arriving. Aesthetically, the Chiron is interesting with an aggressive front face and an arched-shaped cockpit rather well inspired. By against the rear part is not at all consensual and far away from the design of the Veyron. Personally, I find it disconcerting and somewhat disconnected from the rest of the car. Like the Veyron, depending on the chosen configuration, the Chiron can be a beautiful car.
For Ferrari, the moment is ripe for an evolution of the 4 seats FF ... and the evolution is much deeper than a simple restyling. I'm not very good customer about the latest developments of the Ferrari models (488 and F12 TDF) but the GTC4 Lusso is a success including a very graphic rear with very nice lights. The front part is simplier than the FF but all these new elements form a homogeneous design. The Maserati Levante is a new SUV from the Trident brand and he enrolled as a direct competitor of the Porsche Cayenne or Jaguar F-Pace. However, like the Porsche, its design is not very charismatic. Hopefully, like for the Gran Turismo, your listening pleasure will replace the eye one.
Ferruccio Lamborghini would have been 100 years old this year and Lamborghini pays tribute launching the Centenario, a kind of hybrid between a giant Hurracan and a chasten Veneno. The result is really agressive and impressive and the attention to detail is admirable, especially the rims with fin to extract hot air from brakes. The rear part is very innovative with these very fine lights and the fins integrated to the extractor. As surprising as it may seem, the mixture of lacquered carbon and painted yellow elements is as well successful.
The new Aston Martin DB11 is the first element of the brand reconquest. The design and the technical development of Aston Martin is lagging behind for many years and the sales slump, notably due to the very slow renewal of the models.The first car of the Aston Martin range to be replaced is the old DB9 and the new born is thus called DB11. This car made its revolution while maintaining a classic silhouette, the rear part is totally new and rather disturbing on a model aimed to conservative clients. The inside of the car with the dashboard contains the codes adopted on the Vanquish, but which still lack a bit of charm with these flashy silver parts. However, the DB11 takes risks and the result is innovative.
McLaren continues to expand its range and new developments are made for 650/675 and 570 models. The 675LT is now declined in a roadster proposal and the 650S is available in racing version, the GT3. The 570S is still on the catalogue but a more comfortable version is now available, the 570GT. A luggage compartment is fitted at the rear, with a tilting glazed section.
The future of Koenigsegg has a name : Regera. The last Ageras are under assembling and are already sold, with only special models based on RS or One:1 versions. The Agera "ML" exhibited in Geneva is probably the only yellow colored Agera and is based on the RS evolution. This RHD model was sold to Taïwan. The second Agera is the first of three previoused model strangely called Final "one of 1".
And what about the new Regera? This hybrid car is now ready for production and appear really different from the Agera, with longer size and an important rear overhang. The rear is completely new and the profile seems to be a CCXR one, the interior is more consensual than the Agera one. The kinematics of all opening parts are really impressive, with electric opening. All the best for this new supercar.
Pagani is working on evolutions of the last Huayra, with a heavily tuned version called "BC", on tribute to Benny Caiola. Another evolution is a more virile looking Huayra, with a handling and aerodynamic package called Paccheto Tempesta.
Bentley news is marked by the launch of the SUV Bentayga, which appearence seems very timid but with a level of service and luxury, one mile above the rest of the production in the segment. A Mulliner limousine is now available, based on the old version of the Mulsanne while the second series is just launched, still called Mulsanne. This evolution will not please everyone, with a riot of chromes and radiator grille blades, which resembles to a Mansory Conquistador.
Nothing really interesting for german brands with a new evolution of the Porsche Boxster called the 718 and a lightweight version of the 911, called 911 R.
For Rolls-Royce, just an update with the declination called "Black Badge" for the Wraith and the Ghost, that could be identified by the black tainted calander/ Flying Lady and the specific rims. A surprising Phantom, ordered by an "Art Deco" hotel from Taïwan was also exhibited in a stunning configuration : full red color for the exterior, red panels and black and white chequered flag seats. The last Dawn was exhibited in a classy light maroon and silver.
Spyker is like the Phoenix, one more time the dutsch manufacturer is coming back but this time, after a bankrupt and a liquidation. It seems that Viktor Muller is now in Germany for this new chapter of the chaotic Spyker life. No Venator or Aileron for this Geneva edition but a new car that looks like a mix between the two cars. The car is called C8 Preliator and seems to be an update version of the Aileron, one of my favorite supercar. The rear side inspired from the Venator is quite "heavy" with too many chromes but the car still looks impressive. The interior is always astonishing and we can see the car is now fitted with a manual gearbox. Let's hope the Preliator will be the way to the success for Spyker.

American sportcars are at Geneva : Ford, Viper and Corvette. The Ford GT is exhibited in a white colored road version, side by side with its racing evolution. The new Tesla model X is an important new for the constructor, that need to grow and produce more to generate profite. The car is not really sexy but the technicity is interesting. Viper shows the ACR evolution and Corvette the C7 family : convertible, Grand Sport, C7R, Z06 and now the ZR1.

New beginning for Gumpert now called Apollo, with financing from Hong-Kong. The last models of the old Gumpert Apollo are still for sale under the Apollo-N name. However, a very interesting prototype, the Arrow, still under development during the show, announce the future of Apollo. The aerodynamic study give a car that looks like to actual supercars, like a Ferrari LF or a very agressive McLaren P1. It is rather successfull on paper, let's wait for the definitive car.

Now, let's have a look to the micro-constructors of Supercars. From Croatia, Rimac, present a new version of the Concept One motorized now with an hybrid system. From Dubaï, W-Motors exhibits its Lykan Hypersport, with its ridiculous specificity : real diamonds in the front lights. Arash is still working to develop its range, with the known AF8 and the new AF-10 fitted with a 1600 bhp engine (!). The Sincars is a funny proposal for a sportcar.

Zenvo is still alive, with a racing version of the ST1, the TSR.

The coachbuilders are rare nowadays but are still active. Touring, after the coupé version of its Disco Volante, revealed this year the Roadster declination. As usual with this car, the result is simply beautiful, particularly with this classy color combination : azurro blue with tan leather. Pininfarina make a proposal for a racing closed car, put in parallel with the Ferrari V12-powered Pininfarina Sigma. Ital Design worked on a "break de chasse" sportcar called the GTzero.

Some Japanese cars, with the production version of the Honda NSX, the Lexus LC500H, an nicely shaped concept cars from Mazda, the RX Vision, a kind of modern RX8. For french constructors, the only interesting thing is a sportcar concept made by DS, the Intense.

The Geneva Motorshow is the garden of all european tuners and as usual, the last news, like the Ferrari 488 or the Mercedes AMG GT are systematicaly remixed with more or less happiness. Fab Design is specialized in wide body version and for this Geneva edition, three white Mercedes are exhibited : an AMG GT, the new Mercedes C Coupé and an old SLS. The Mc Laren 650S is also modified in a quite scary configuration, with a mate black and red paint job.

Mansory is perhaps the best example of the actual tuning, guided by the special taste of customers, that can give the best or the worst. The last 488 GTB-based Siracusa 4XX is quite interesting with a really agressive definition, fitted with FXXK inspired back air wing. The proposal for the Mercedes AMG GT is a wider version that give a more impressive car than the original one. The Mercedes C Coupe and the G-class are really interesting too. However, Mansory is usually use to propose some declination more ... extreme, called this year "Palm Edition 999", made on a Rolls-Royce Wraith and a Bentley Continental Flying Spur. For Petro-Dollars only.

Nimrod is actually the most extreme tuners with really heavy tuned proposals. The Ferrari 458 is modified in a Concorde version, almost discrete comparing with the 488-based Le Mans. The lateral air intake of the 488 is unmissable painted in flashy orange and like Mansory, a FFXK-based air wing is add, but in a dual stage version. However, the victory of the "too much" is for the Nimrod Avanti Rosso, a completely new interpretation of a poor Lamborghini Aventador, painted in silver-mate black and red colors. Definitively crazy.

The world of RUF is completely at the opposite because the news of the german manufacturer are looking over aged with old generation shaped-911s. The orange version is the SCR 4,2 and the blue is the Ultimate version. Some 993 generation are still exhibited with a 993 Turbo R limited edition and a CTR2 Sport evolution. Concerning new declination, a 991 based model is called the RTR and a sample of the RUF CTR3 is exhibited in red color.

Let's stay with the Porsche world with something more extravagant, Tech Art. Except the Boxster version, all the range of models are concerned. I begin with my favorite, a shiny purple Grand GT. The definition is clearly extreme with in particular a crazy dual tone crema and purple interior. Funny and perfectly done. The Magnum is now decline in a Sport Evolution.

For Alpina,Geneva correpond to the introduction of the new B7 Biturbo, that is reviewed with the traditional Alpina package, giving a more sexy shape to the BMW Limousine. The Alpina B6 Gran Coupe is exhibited in blue but still without the stripes. Come on, the perfect B6 is not far away.

The Brabus stand is so large that it looks to a big constructor one. The most extreme models are the G-Class in 500 bhp evolution with short wheelbase chassis, the new AMG GTs in 600 bhp version and the couple of 900 bhp cars, with the S and C Coupe Class.

Let's have a look to other tuners as Topcar, with a really interesting 991 heavily modified called the Stinger. For DMC, the news are the Lamborghini Huacan and a rather agressive Mercedes G-Class. Hamann has focused on SUV this year with in particular a really great interpration of the Porsche Macan. For Khan, the Vengeance is an Aston Martin DB9 modified in the Zagato inspiration.