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The Torre Loizaga Rolls-Royce Collection

The Torre Loizaga castle is an enigmatic place, lost in mountains of the province of Biscay, in Spain. Apart from the medieval beauty of the place, the castle of the region of Galdames is recognized as home to one of the most fabulous private collections of Rolls-Royce, probably one of the most significant in the world.

The Miguel de La Via Rolls-Royce collection is divided into several parts, corresponding to a timeline of distinct periods, ranging from the Ghost to the models of the 80s, passing through the Phantoms and Clouds. The Ghost models are kept in a side of the castle, made with stone walls and lightened by heavy chandeliers, that give a totally unrealistic atmosphere, which confers a rather unique character to this collection "lost in the mist".

After the surprise of this lost place in the middle of nowhere, the astonishment comes from the interior and the content of the collection.

The visit of the Torre Loizaga Collection is organized in a way that we go back in time from the 80's to the origins of the "Flying Lady" brand. Let us follow the same logic and visit the first hall, dedicated to 70-90s Rolls-Royce generations.
1990 Silver Spur
1984 Silver Spirit
1975 Camargue
1972 Corniche Drop Head Coupe
1970 Shadow I Fixed Head Coupe
1980 Silver Wraith II
1979 Silver Shadow II

The second building is dedicated to Wraith and Cloud generations, with two Wraith models especially build for the British Royal Family.
Extract from the Torre Loizaga site :
"The 1953 Sedanca model was part of the Fleet of vehicles of the British Royal Family until the year 1982, date in which it was acquired for the Collection. Coming from Africa, it is one of the last vestiges of the colonial era. The design of this large black limousine with three rows of windows allows the rear opening of the roof over the seats of the passengers in order to be able to greet the celebrations. The spacious cabin is lined with woolen and cream-colored carpet, with footrests and stools, framed by noble woods. The 1958 Limousine was also part of the British Royal fleet, specifically the Australian division, acquired in 1998. It is a black three-row window limousine and, unlike the previous one, lacks rear roof opening while The seats are upholstered in cream leather. It has, however, a sunroof and a small focus placed on the windshield that emitted a light blue and white announcing the presence of the Queen."
1937 25/30 HP Berlina
1934 Bentley 3.5
1934 20/25 HP Sport Saloon
1939 25/30 HP Wraith Berlina
1965 Silver Cloud II
1966 Silver Cloud III
1954 Silver Wraith
1960 Silver Cloud II LWB
1957 Silver Cloud
1958 Silver Wraith Limousine
1955 Silver Dawn
1953 Silver Wraith 4P Sport Saloon
1953 Silver Wraith Sedanca

The third building is really impressive with an incredible Phantom collection, from the I to the VI, with in particular an exceptional model of Phantom IV, the "Royal" Rolls-Royce, built at only 17 units.
Extract from the Torre Loizaga site :
"If there were a car with the designation of Royal Limousine, this would be none other than the most exclusive of the Rolls-Royce, the Phantom IV, given that the privileged, and short list of its recipients participated in the condition of being members of Houses Reales, or Heads of State, without exception. The specimen present in the Museum was part of a request for two limousines, designed by the same bodybuilder, which was delivered to its original owner, the Emir of Kuwait in 1955. Four decades later this limousine in gold and silver copper color Came to the Tower of Loizaga, which has the honor of having one of the seventeen copies in the world.
This model represents an evolution of the chassis of the Silver Wraith, with which also shares features of aesthetic, like the form of the fins. The new frame keeps more distance between the axles and reaches a length of about six meters. This accommodates what would be the world's first post-war, eight-cylinder in-line engine, which provides a capacity of 5675 cc, and enough power to move a three-ton vehicle.
The engine of such vehicles must respond to such characteristics since they are primarily intended for ceremonial use. The car should keep the pace at a few revolutions, and at a speed limit, without suffering in excess for the long journeys. Other technical features include a four-speed gearbox, an independent front suspension and a servo-assisted brake system.
The design of the bodies was shared by H.J. Mulliner and Hooper, except for a specimen commissioned to the French manufacturer Franay for an Arab prince, which would give rise to a variety of finishes, which surprise by the lightness of its, nevertheless, bulky bodies.
The exposed limousine exhibits a peculiar focus, under the radiator, which emitted a red light when its first owner, the emir, was on board."

1956 Phantom IV (Mulliner)
1961 Phantom V Touring Limousine (James Young)
1970 Phantom VI (Mulliner)
1932 Phantom II S Continental Coupe (Martin & King)
1929 Phantom I Springfeld Sedanca Landaulette (Brewster)
1928 Phantom I Landaulette DeVille / Limousine (Hooper)
1926 Phantom I Cabriolet DHC White Aluminium (Wilkinson)
1937 Phantom III Sedanca Landaulette (Hooper)
1927 Phantom I Doctor's Coupe (Chamberlain)
1930 Phantom II DHC Aluminium
1924 Silver Ghost 40/50 HP Limousine (Barker)
1926 Silver Ghost Tilbury Sedan (Brewster)
1923 Silver Ghost Limousine (Maharadja of Jodpuhr) (Maythorn)
1928 20 HP Cabriolet (Wilkinson)

Last building to visit, the house that host an impressive set of cars of the legendary Silver Ghost series, representing the early reputation of the British firm.
1914 40/50 HP Silver Ghost Colonial Style
1912 Silver Ghost Open Fronted Limousine
1910 Silver Ghost Roi des Belges
1913 40/50 HP Silver Ghost Roi des Belges Tourer
1924 Silver Ghost Springfield Limousine Sedanca
1922 Silver Ghost DHC Springfield Cabrio

The Torre Loizaga is a Rolls-Royce Collection, but there are also some exotics, with in particular a gorgeous Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 and a yellow Lamborghini Countach 5000S.
1925 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 Roadster
1936 Hispano Suiza K6
1956 Jaguar XK120 Roadster
1970 Jaguar E-type 4,2 Roadster
1987 Ferrari Testarossa
1982 Lamborghini Countach 5000 S