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Rétromobile - 2017

Let's start the 2017 year with one of the biggest european event dedicated to classic automobiles : Rétromobile. This year, some anniversaries were celebrated at the french retro motorshow with dedicated exhibitions such the 70 years of Ferrari or the 30 years of the famous Rally class called Group B. More, nice displays were reserved for the David Brown's Aston Martin, the 60-70's Formula 1 and a white line up of Alpine models.

Rétromobile is also the place for collectible cars dealers such as Lukas Huni, with a fantastic dual exhibition of Bugatti and Bentley models, Fisken or JD Classics, with plenty of jewels. Movendi has made the surprise with a "young timers Supercars" display

Ferrari 70th anniversary
I was quite impatient to discover the display for the 70th anniversary of Ferrari but I must admit I was a little bit disappointed. The display was quite small and almost all the cars exhibited were already known except a nice 250 GT Spyder Pininfarina spyder serie 1, new for me. A big part of the exhibition were composed with the Ferrari of the Schlumpf Mulhouse museum, such the 250 LM, the 500 TRC, the 156B and the 500 F2. The display was completed with a 166 MM, a 250 GT SWB and a 275 GTB2.

Group B Rally 30th anniversary

It seems than organizers have decided to take it easy this year and, one more time, a French museum has contributed to the whole part of the display. The Loheac museum has brought its complete Group B line up : Audi Quattro Sport, Citroen BX 4TC, 205 T16, Ford RS200, Lancia Delta S4, Lancia 037, MG Metro 6R4...

Formula 1 display

Ferrari 312 B3, 246 Tasman, 312 F1, 312 F1, 1512 F1, 312 B3, 312 B2, Tyrrell P34, Cosworth 4WD, Mc Laren M9A.


David Brown's Aston Martin Heritage
The Heritage display was a must see, with a nice and complete Aston Martin range from the DB1 to the DBS, with many particular models that was delectable for the specialist. I can cite the prototype DB208, an Aston Martin proposal for a 4 cylinders engine (in line) for other brands, using a Volvo P1800 as a mule. More, the DBS Fi was a rare version using the optional injection system introduced on the DB6 mkII. Just a few models remains today.

Highlights of the exhibition was one of the three models ever made of the special James Bond DB5, used in the 007 Goldfinger movie film, a DB1, a DB2 mkII FHC, a DB3S and a DB4 GT.

Alpine Celebration

2017 is the year of the unveiling of the new Alpine A110, that will look like closely to the Alpine Vision Concept. For the occasion, a stand with the different models produced by Alpine is displayed, all colored in white. Let's note the Alpine A610 "Albertville 92", a limited edition made only at 2 samples.

Lukas Hüni

The swiss dealer from Zurich is always one of the hot spot of the french show and 2017 was in the same direction. The thematic of the Hüni display was paired this year, with a tremendous Bugatti and Bentley model selection. The line up of T57 was just astonishing with a 57 SC Atlantic, a 57SC Atalante, a 57 Atalante, a 57 Stelvio and a 57 Aravis! The display was completed with a T18, a T35, a T43, a T54, a T55 Supersport and a T59. The Bentley display was tasty also with a R Type Continental, one of the 4 R Type Continental Drophead Park Ward, a S2 Continental, a 3L, a 4.5, a couple of 4 1/4, a 4.5 Supercharged and a 6.5!
Really great, thanks Mr Hüni!

Gregor Fiskens

Some great pieces for the Fine Automobile specialist from London : a yellow Lamborghini Countach LP400, a Bugatti T55 Supersport finished in black with some green parts, an Aston Martin DB3, a marroon Ferrari 365 GTS4 and a blood red Lister Tojeiro.

JD Classics

The London specialist showed very eclectic cars, from different ages : a prototype of the Ford GT40 mkIII, a Ferrari 250 MM Vignale, a Jaguar XJR15 and an Aston Martin DB2/4 Bertone Spyder.


The German dealer has been presenting for some years a stand with superb models, exposed under one of the worst lights of the whole motorshow. This year, an interesting young timers supercars triplet was the highlight of the display : a works prototype of the Porsche 959, a Bugatti EB110 and a Ferrari F50. But that's not all, there was also a Porsche 993 GT2 Evo and a prestigious Maserati 5000 GT.

Axel Schuette

The display of A. Schuette was composed of an already known dark red BMW 507, some Mercedes (SSK, 680S by Saoutchik, two 300 SL roadster), a Bentley 8L and a Cadillac V16.


928-4 "Ferry Porsche", 996 GT2, 930 3.3 "S", 935, 917, 911 Carrera 3.0 RS, 911 carrera RS 2.7, Gemballa Mirage GT, 911 RSR 2.8 and 962.


500K, W194, 300 SL Gullwing, 300 SL Roadster, C111, CLK-GTR, 540 B, 500 Nürburg W08, SS Tourer, 540 A, 300 SL Gullwing, 300 SL Roadster, 300 SL Gullwing, 300 SL Roadster, 300 SL Gullwing, 300 SL Roadster and 300 SL Gullwing.


512 BBi, 308 GTB, Dino 246 GTS, Dino 246 GT, 250 GT PF s2, 365 GTB4 Spyder conversion, 250 GT Drogo, 599 GTO, 365 GTB4, 308 GTS, 275 GTB, 330 GTC, 365 GT 2+2, 250 GT SWB Breadvan, 365 GTB4 Spyder Conversion, 275 GTS, 330 GT s1, 166MM / 212 Export Fontana "Uovo", 512 BB, 250 GT Lusso, 500 Mondial, F40, 275 GTB4, F512M, F1 Type F93, 330 GTC, 308 GTB GrIV, 550 GTC Prodrive, 365 GTB4, 365 GTB4 GrIV Conversion, 365 GT4 2+2..

Alfa Romeo and other italian cars

Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, Giulia GTC, 6C 3000 CM Superflow, 8C Replica Pure Sang, 2600 SZ, Lancia Flaminia Loraymo, Appia Zagato, Abarth 1000 Pininfarina Record, Abarth 1000, De Tomaso Pantera L.


Diablo VT, 400 GT, 400 GT, Jalpa 3.5, 350 GT.


250 F, 3500 GT Coupe Touring, 3500 GT Spyder Vignale, Khamsin, 3500 GT, Ghibli, Ghibli, Bora, Mistral, Ghibli Spyder, 250 F, Bora..

French cars

Renault Initiale Concept, Laguna Concept, Peugeot SR1, Citroën CX Chapron Landaulet, DS Le Dandy, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport "Soleil de Nuit", Delahaye 135M Figoni & Falaschi, Bugatti T38, T38, T57 Stelvio, Veyron Vitesse, Veyron Supersport, T57 Stelvio, T57 Van Vooren replica, DS Etense, Matra MS720, Facel Vega FV2B, Talbot Lago T150C SS Figoni & Falaschi, Peugeot 908 HDi, 401 Darl'Mat, Voisin C28 Aerosport Prototype, Panhard Pichon Parat, Salmson 2300 S Cabriolet 1955, Talbot Lago T73, Delage D8S, Delage 15S8, 15S8, Venturi 600 LM, Delage 15S8, 15S8..

Aston Martin and Jaguar

DB4 Cabriolet, DBS Vantage, Virage Volante, V8 Vantage Volante X-Pack, Virage Volante, V12 Vantage Zagato, DB4 GT Zagato replica, DB6, Jaguar XKSS Continuation.

Nash Healey Roadster, BMW M1, Pegaso Z103 Touring, Honda NSX, Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A, Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, Silver Ghost, Corvette C3 Sting Ray Split Window, Mc Laren M1B, AC Cobra 289.