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Geneva International Motor Show 2017

The Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) 2017 is one of the best place to see the news of all luxury and sportcars manufacturers. For this edition, not so many world premiere : Ferrari has unveiled the 812 Superfast, the new front V12 sportcar, the new french brand Alpine has launched the A110 and Mc Laren replace the 650S with the new 720S. Let's note the arrival of a new brand in the Supercar world, the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, with an interesting proposal, the 003S and CS. The most interesting concept car is due this year to Bentley, with a surprising Roadster called Concept EXP12 "Speed 6", quite sexy.

There are some evolutions of known models, for instance for Lamborghini the Aventador S and the Huracan Performante, the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo, the Pagani Huayra Roadster and the Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder. The tuning world is also in effervescence with many Porsche-based preparation, in particular a remix of the CTR Yellow Bird by RUF, quite astonishing.
Finally, a special exhibition of a part of the Monteverdi museum will closed this 2017 edition of the GIMS.

The page of the Ferrari F12 is now turned with the arrival of the new 812 Superfast. The styling is a mix between a classical front V12 Ferrari and the aggressiveness of the aerodynamic carved details. The rear part of the 812 SF is well inspired by the GTC4 Lusso, rather successful. The look of the car with the air intake integrated in the headlight is less stylish than that of the F12.
Alpine, after so many concept cars, showed finally their production car as an open secret, it was just a finalized version of the concept Z31, exhibited since years in all events. The height of absurdity is reached with the name of the new car : A110... the marketing squad of Renault has struck a blow! Hope customers will welcome this innovation with more imagination than its designers...
The Ford GT is now turning into production and some new liveries were exhibited in Geneva, with a mate anthracite and a yellow one, both badly fitted with black rims. Some models were brought from the museum, such a Mirage or a GT40 MkII.
Lamborghini evolves its range with a more radical version of the Huracan, which takes the name of Performante, and the Aventador turns into the Aventador S, which borrows some stylistic codes of the version SV.
Aston Martin launches a new division called AMR, for Aston Martin Racing. Like the "Q by Aston Martin", which manages the special definitions, AMR is in charge of defining racing versions, but intended for the road, of all vehicles of the range. A Rapide S and a V12 Vantage are thus realized to show the possibilities. A model of a closed two-seater coupe, called Valkyrie, is also presented as a world premiere. The Vanquish S is converted into a Volante roadster and the exhibition of the astonishing Vulcain complete the Aston Martin report.
The highlight of the Bentley exhibition is the Concept EXP12 "Speed 6", a kind of new interpretation of the convertible Continental GTC. The style is incisive and for the front part, evokes openly the 1999 concept Hunaudieres. The rear part is less inspired, unlike the interior, simply sumptuous. The current continental GT is now available in the Supersport version, in a coupe or convertible version. The Mulsanne Hallmark Series by Mulliner is a limited version of just 50 handcrafted cars, with a special dual tone color and an especially refined interior.
The 2017 Millesime is quiet for Rolls-Royce with the continuation of the actuel range of models (Ghost, Wraith and Dawn).
The news for Mercedes are the AMG GT in GTR and GTC evolutions, an interesting 4 doors concept cars based on the AMG GT and a special Maybach customed G Class, called G650 Landaulet.
Audi unveil the Q8 Sport, that covers its SUV range. Porsche is still working on the Panamera range with an interesting new "Break de chasse" declination called the Sport Turismo, that give a little bit more sex appeal to the Porsche limousine.
The 2017 GIMS is an important edition for Mc Laren, with the launch of the 650/675 successor, the 720 S. As always with Mc Laren, the technic and the aero studies lead to the design, so it gives well born and impressive cars but rarely beautiful ones. The 720 S is part of this lineage, the shape is brutal and seductive but the front face is quite ugly, with the large black air intakes mixed with lights.
The Noble M600 continues its career with an interesting roadster version, joining the Carbon Sport edition.
For Spyker, still there years after years, the C8 Preliator is now available in Convertible version. The reality of production remains a mystery.
With actual supercars, it is always difficult to form an idea about a new model as the combinations of colors chosen are rarely the best taste. However, this time, this new Koenigsegg Regera finished in a green tinted carbon with a classy tan leather is really a heartbreaker.
The dual tone red / carbon Regera is not so good looking. The Agera is still there, with a carbon skin and gold accent RS edition called Gryphon.
The production of the Bugatti Chiron is now running and this model, finished in an one tone of blue carbon is quite classy. Still in the Bugatti inspiration but not from VW, a strange concept called "Black Cuillin" seems to be a modern interpretation of the 57 Atlantic.
The Danish sportcar brand Zenvo is still in Geneva, with an anniversary edition of the TS1, the "10th Anniversary TS1 GT".
For Pagani, news are the unveiling of the Roadster version of the Huayra, very far away from the simplicity of the Zonda C12S Roadster, exhibited on the side.
A new entry in the world of the supercar brand, with the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. The car looks like an hybrid between a Lexus LFA and a Ferrari La Ferrari but the result is impressive and persuasive. Two models are proposed, the 003S and the 003CS.
Nothing new for Rimac, with the Concept One still exhibited without modifications..
For Sincars, the R1 is now declined in a GT4 version.
The strange but charming David Brown Speedback GT is presented for the first time in Geneva. The interior is not at the level of the exterior but this neo retro car is interesting.
In the disorder, the different news of the big manufacturers : the nice Cadillac Escala, the Renault Trezor, the interesting Peugeot Instinct and the funny Dendrobilla.
Concerning the coachbuilder, Ital Design is exhibiting the Zero-Uno, a R8-based mini production model, Touring is still producing its Disco Volante, in Speedster version this year.
What about tuners this year in Geneva?
They are in good health with many german-based cars news, like the AMG GT or the new Porsche Panamera.
For Fab Design, the new preparations are the AMG GTs, the Mc Laren 570S and the old SLR Roadster.

Hamann is still working on the SUV range, from BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar, with a new interpretation of the X-Pace.
For RUF, it is time for the 30th anniversary of the CTR "Yellow Bird", with a new model for the 2017 millesime, powered by a 710 bhp Flat 6.
A lot of dark cars for Tech Art with many declinations of the 991 GT Street R, in convertible or coupé versions.
The Mansory stand is always a must see, not for the best taste of the preparations, but the tuner is always at the forefront for new ideas, such the "stone covering" this year. Not beautiful but always funny.
Gemballa is at Geneva this year with two well known preparation, the Panamera Mistrale and the Mirage GT, probably the last that will be made. The new is the last evolution of the Avalanche, a crazy purple 991, totally excessive in all ways, so mission complete for the tuner!
The German tuner Alpina is following the renewal of the BMW range models, with the new serie 5-based B5. The B7 Bi-Turbo and the B4S Bi-Turbo complete the stand.
Brabus has organized as usual an almost complete full black display, except a nice Mercedes 300 SL gullwing finished in pastel blue and an impressive G class called "Adventure 4x4²".
The last 3 tuners are MTM, with a nice Audi R8, Khan with the Volante version of the Revenge and Liberty Walk, with two large interpretation of the Mc Laren 650 S and the Ferrari 488 GTB.
As a bonus track, a small part of the Monteverdi museum was on exhibition in Geneva in order to celebrate the move of a part of the collection from Basel to Luzern : 375L, 375C, Hai 650 F1, Hai 450 SS, 375 SS Prototype Ghia and Safari.