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The Return to the Blue Factory
Bugatti factory, Campogalliano, italy

The "Return to the Blue Factory" was a very anticipated event for me, as the creator of the Bugatti EB110 Registry. The last event of comparable size was the 1994 Bugatti International Rally in Italy, no less. The idea was to bring together at the Campogalliano factory the major players in the adventure, the workers and the cars that were born in this factory.
Among the figures of Bugatti, there was the founder Romano Artioli, and the designer of the places and of the EB110, Giampaolo Benedini. There was also Renata Kettmeier, the wife of Artioli and director of the cultural center of Ora dedicated to Bugatti, and Elisa Artioli, the little daughter of Romano Artioli, who gave its name to the Lotus Elise.

Seven Bugatti EB110 were brought together for the occasion, positioned to simulate the production chain as it might have been at the time. Four production EB110 GT were there, including the two last GT ever made, the GT39101 and the GT39102. The two EB110 Supersport were the two racing proposal of the factory, the Le Mans SS39016 and the IMSA SS39044. The "Top Selection" team that organized the day has done a great job.

It is obvious that I am not objective but the Campogalliano factory is really a special place. The rather baroque architecture of the whole is a pleasure for the eyes, and places such as the Rotunda, the experimental department building or the assembly hall are full of history. Although the agony of time is visible, especially at the level of the famous blue building which displayed the Bugatti ovale logo, which suffered greatly from corrosion (and blue paint concealing the logo, imposed by the Volkswagen group), the whole of the factory is in very good condition. Of course, the assembly hall where the machine tools were removed from the ground is not very presentable, but the rest of the factory seems ready to start again.
It was a great surprise compared to the various reports I had seen, showing a vast field of ruins.
I do not resist the urge to illustrate this report with some "Vintage" pictures, to situate the place.
Meeting the actors of Bugatti history in Campogalliano, Mr Artioli and Benedini, was an immense privilege and pleasure. Thanks to them for their kindness.
Thanks also to the enthusiastic owners who have played the game and who greatly participate in the success of this day.
And now, let's take the place of the 7 Bugatti EB110 gathered on the occasion of this day.

The Bugatti EB110 GT #39102 is the only GT made in 1995 and finally, the last GT model built by the factory. It was finished in grigio chiaro with a black leather interior.
The Bugatti EB110 GT #39101 is the penultimate GT built, at the end of the 1994 year. It was finished firstly in Rosso Scuro but was repainted in Bugatti Blu some years ago. The interior is finished in dual tone greys but not in the standard version, the upper part of the central console is in light grey leather.
The GT #39060 is in the same configuration than #39102, grigio chiaro with a black interior. This car was bought new by Brembo, the famous manufacturer of automotive brake systems, especially for high-performance cars and motorcycles based in Bergamo (Italy). Brembo was also the supplier of Bugatti for the EB110 brake system.
The GT #39090 was sold new to Mr Peter Slavic, the famous swiss collector. The car was finished in the traditional Bugatti blue with the dual tone greys interior, in the non standard version as the GT39101, with the upper part of the console finished in light grey leather.
The GT39028 was finished in Bugatti blu with the standard interior (dual tone greys). It was the first GT fitted with the out-of-price optional Supersport rims.
The SS39016 is one of the most famous EB110 ever built after its participation in the 1994 24h du Mans race. The car was built in Campogalliano for the french press business man Mr Hommell and then set up for the race by the Synergie Team in France.
The SS39044 is a very late car in the Bugatti history, built by the factory and set up by the Monaco Racing Team (MRT). The car was probably assemblied when the factory was almost stopped. Gildo Pastor and the MRT hired the car in IMSA races but also in the BPR championship.