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Chantilly Arts & Elegance
Around the event....

The Chantilly Arts & Elegance is an interesting moment to put together car enthusiasts, from all periods.
The different club meetings are a gathering of collectible cars from many countries and the visitors parkings are also
places plenty of jewels, from supercars to Classics cars.

This year, the SLR Club joined the event, with an astonishing SLR line up including a rare SLR722 Sterling Moss version, supported by the Mercedes Museum, that exhibited the 2 originel SLR concept cars.

Nice visit!


The two "Vision" concept cars were a good surprise. It is funny to see the great difference between the coupe, the first attempt, and the convertible, closer from the definitive shape.
More, the size of the concept is more like a SLK template than a supercar. Finally, usually the final version is always wiser than the concept but for the SLR, the final version is much more accomplished and virile than the initial sketch.


For the Cavalino brand, nothing tremendous this year except a nice LM specs F40
, a light brown plexi Daytona and a crema 250 GTE. The green California is a replica 250 GTE-based.

Aston Martin

Many cars from different periods with in particular a special gathering of DBS, for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the model.



Some Countach for the Lamborghini display, with the 1990 25th anniversary model specially built for Walter Wolf
(chassis LA12995), a famous sportcars and Lamborghini owner, highly linked with the factory.


A few Aero8 derivatives with a wonderfull burgundy Aeromax.

Lexus and Toyota

Some Lexus LC500, the demo white LFA and a Toyota 2000 GT


Continental T, Turbo RT, S3 Continental Flying Spur Convertible

Mc Laren

570S Spyder, 720S, MP4-12C


Classic Bugatti with a T40 and an interesting T49 bodied by Labourdette and an italian period EB110, with an early production model (chassis GT021), today "Avio Blue" painted.

US cars

Ford GT, Viper SRT10 ACR, Auburn Speedster replica, AC Cobra 427 Continuation, Corvette C2 and Excalibur (sIII and sIV).

Iso and Bizzarrini

Fidia, IR300, Lele, Grifo, Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada and Concept car Bizzarrini BZ2001 (Ferrari Testarossa-based).


A very nice display of the Maserati club with one of the best Ghibli line up I have ever seen, a rare Kyalami and a nice copper colored Bora.

Citroën by Chapron

DS Palm Beach, La Croisette, Majesty, Le Léman, a SM Opera and an interesting design proposal for the SM, signed by Frua in 1972.


Franco Sbarro has made many masterpieces, but since the creation of his school Espera, a lot of more questionable models are now signed by the Swiss master. The mid 80's Sbarro 540 K is part of the first group: this replica is astonishing and perfectly built, with a lot of modern technical details, hidden under the sculptural dress of the 540K. The 8 produced cars (between 1981 and 1985) was built around a chassis of Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3 and powered by a 500 SL engine.
The 2005 Sbarro SB2 Tornado belongs to the group of cars a little more criticized. To make a speedster from a crashed Ferrari 456 is a good idea but the result is sorely lacking in grace and class. Finally, the Tornado looks more to a cheap kit car and is not up to the mark of the Sbarro coat of arms.


The Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' club is regular of the event with always many interesting and prestigious models, such as 3 Camargue, a Phantom VI or a huge amount of Corniche.

Facel Vega

FV3B, HK500, FV1, Facel III and Facellia


It is always a great pleasure to see some Bristol in France, and just for once, none of them come from Great Britain! Five models were on display : 2 405, a 404, a 405 D and a 411.


A special gathering of Estate XJS, with many Lynx Eventer and one from a french coachbuilder, "Ateliers Réunis".

De Tomaso

Some Pantera and an exotic Longchamps.

German cars

A discrete but quite exceptional Porsche 930 turbo 3.3 S "Sonauto", this car was a special order from the French Porsche distributor, of 10 cars only with many special features : 330 ch engine with a front oil cooler, a specific central console with a voltmeter and temperature display, triple tone leather 959 seats and a special exhaust.