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Bugatti EB110 Race Cars
The Classic Remise, Berlin, Germany

During a snowy day of december 2017, a group of enthusiasts met a part of the Campogalliano Bugatti team in Berlin (Germany) with as guest stars, Romano Artioli, Renata Kettmeier, Giampaolo Benedini, Loris Bicocchi and a group of passionate engineers (Simonini, Filipinni..).

The Racing cars from Le Mans (SS 16) and IMSA Series (SS 44) were on exhibition.

It was a great moment of exchange between true lovers of the Italian adventure of Bugatti, with an evening of anecdotes about the life of the Bugatti teams.

The two official Race cars from the Campogalliano factory, the 1994 Le Mans 24h EB110 Supersport (SS 16) and its descendant, the 1995 IMSA / BPR EB110 Supersport (SS 44).

The little world of the Bugatti EB110 people joined during a great day, the evening in a "small piece of Italy" restaurant was really a funny moment.